Wutip becomes earliest ever super-typhoon, with gusts over 180 mph

Talk about an unpleasant surprise!

A storm even more dangerous than Florence is brewing in Asia — and it’s about to hit land

Oh boy.

New hurricane animation from the Weather Channel is insanely realistic — and very beautiful

Impressive, and very helpful — visual technology at its finest.

Astronaut tweets incredible pictures of Hurricane Florence heading for the US East Coast

“Watch out, America!”

Hurricane-braving lizards get to grips with natural selection

Scientists witness natural selection in action in the aftermath of Hurricanes Irma and Maria.

Musk says Puerto Rico’s power grid could be built from the ground up with solar and battery packs

A great opportunity for clean energy to help set a tragedy right.

Hurricane Maria also becomes Category 5 storm, threatens more destruction

It’s quickly following in Irma’s footsteps.

Hurricane Irma: 90% of the buildings on the Caribbean Island of Barbuda “destroyed by storm”

Our thoughts go to the victims.

Amazing timelapse video shows Harvey flooding a parking lot

A flood of biblical proportions.

Hurricane Matthews exposed a trove of Civil War cannonballs in South Carolina

Oldies but still dangerous.

U.S. economic losses from hurricanes fueled by climate change

A recent U.S. study shows how the upward trend in economic damage from hurricanes correlates very closely to the influence global warming has on the number and intensity of hurricanes. Published in Nature Geoscience, it concludes that the commonly cited reasons for growing hurricane damage — increases in vulnerability, value, and exposure of property — don’t stand up very well to scrutiny.

Climate change might increase the chance of ‘Grey Swan’ storms

A new studied explore the possibility of unprecedented catastrophic storms – storms so bad that there’s no recorded precedent in the past 10,000 years. According to the study, the chance for such an extremely rare event to occur in this century are drastically increased by climate change. ‘Black swans’ is an umbrella term for every event that is extremely unlikely and impossible

New simulation lab will help researchers better understand hurricanes

A lab from the University of Miami will be able to reproduce hurricane conditions on demand, empowering researchers to study hurricanes in a novel way.

NASA Puts Files For 3D Printable Model of Hurricane Julio Online

The immense growth of the 3D printing industry is simply mind blowing – I just love how people are starting to apply the technology to more and more innovative areas (just a few examples: cranium replacement, 3D printed skin, tattoos, fossils, entire rooms). Now, it’s time for nature to be 3D printed: after Doug McCune 3D printed the USGS Earthquake Data

800,000 Evacuated as 140mph Cyclone Hits India’s East Coast

Improved disaster preparedness and early warning systems in the region greatly reduced the number of casualties caused by “Super Cyclone” Phailin – no less than 800.000 people were evacuated to shelters set up in temples, schools and government buildings to avoid the path of the 140mph cyclone. Phailin resulted in 23 casualties; a comparable cyclone, Orissa, claimed 10.000 lives in

NASA Satellite Reveals Tropical Storm Andrea’s Towering Thnderstorms – Tropical Storm Warning in effect

Towering thunderstorms are a bad sign, often announcing a strong tropical cyclone – and NASA’s satellites observed just that. The TRMM satellite spotted thunderstorms reaching heights of almost 9 miles high within Tropical Storm Andrea, while the Aqua satellite provided an infrared view that revealed very cold cloud top temperatures that coincided with the towering thunderstorms that TRMM saw. Subtropical

Bigger and meaner hurricane surges expected in the future due to climate change

An extremely worrisome climate model predicts, based on current global warming projections, that storm surges – the most damaging and dangerous part of a hurricane – are set to increase in frequency and magnitude by as much as ten times by the turn of the century due to climate change. The scientists involved in the study warn that based on

Potential gap in weather satellite coverage could lead to (even) worse weather forecasts

If you think weather forecasts are bad enough as it is, then I’ve got some bad news for you – according to a report by the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO), the weather monitoring network is in a lot of trouble. The main concern is that U.S.-owned satellites are aging, and there are serious concerns about their replacements being ready

Microbes thrive in high altitude stormy clouds – could play role in global climate

It’s a bird! No, it’s a plane! No, it’s… microbes ?! High up in the atmosphere, 10.000 meters above ground, researchers have found over 100 species of bacteria doing just fine in stormy clouds. Each year, hundreds of millions of tons of dust, water and man-maned pollutans make their way into the atmosphere, often traveling between distant locations or even

Aging satellite fleet could leave weather forecast in the dark

In the wake of the Sandy hurricane, which is currently still sweeping through North America’s east coast, weather forecasting has suddenly become a subject of major interest. It shouldn’t take natural disasters, which are getting more and more frequent unfortunately, to spark interest in this matter of grave importance. Despite this, funding for space geosciences, mainly responsible for launching and