An amphibian fungus has caused the worst mass extinction in recent history

This gruesome fungus has infected 6.5% of all known amphibians — and it’s incredibly scary.

Romeo, once the loneliest the frog in the world, finds a mate!

A modern amphibian love story with a happy ending.

City frogs are more attractive than their countriside cousins, new study shows

Female frogs like city boys, a new study finds.

Experimental bioreactor helps frogs regenerate lost limbs

No more peg legs on the high seas, yarr!

A 99-million-year-old amber fossil preserved the earliest frog from tropical forests

Very rare insight into the ancient lives of frogs.

Loneliest frog in the world is looking for a Match to save his species

This is not your typical online dating profile.

Ancient frog with a big appetite may have preyed on small dinosaurs

It bit with the force of wolves or female tigers.

Adorable pig-nosed frog completely new to science found in India

There’s more to it than meets the eye.

Incredible new Amazon glass frog is so transparent you can see its beating heart

It’s strikingly beautiful but also endangered.

This YouTube time-lapse of cellular division in action will have you hitting replay again and again


Frog spit is one of the stickiest things you can find

The meager frog employs a very complex mechanism.

Females are not rational when it comes to choosing their mates – at least in frogs

Picking a mate is one of the most important decisions anyone (human or animal) makes in a lifetime, so it’s important to weigh all the pros and cons and make a rational decision. But that doesn’t go for frogs. Female túngara frogs often exhibit irrational behavior when choosing a mate. This challenges many previously held beliefs as well as several biological behavior models.

First species of venomous frog found in Brazil

The first venomous (yes, venomous – not poisonous) frog was discovered in Brazil by mistake. A frog head-butted Carlos Jared in the hand, and after a while he started feeling a strange pain; it took him a while to connect the dots and realize that the frog was responsible for the pain he was feeling and decided to find out what

Scientists find “punk” shape shifting frog

For the first time, researchers have discovered a vertebrate able to change the texture of its skin from smooth to spiny. The new frog species was found in Ecuador in the plentiful moss surrounding the native forest.

This frog hears through its mouth

One of the smallest amphibians in the world, the  Gardiner’s Seychelles frog, is also one of the most eccentric. The frog doesn’t stand out through an over-glamorous coloring or some unique, wild mating call, but rather as a result of one of its weird biological features. This frog doesn’t have ears – yet it can hear. How? By receiving sound waves

Scientists resurrect extinct frog species that gives birth through its mouth

In a great leap forward towards reviving extinct animal species, scientists at University of New South Wales, Australia have grown embryos that contain the genetic markup of a rather peculiar, yet unfortunately extinct frog species native to Australia. The frog died off in the 1980s due to parasites, loss of habitat, invasive weeds and fungus, and was one of the few

Fantastic frog found flying in Vietnamese forests

Scientists have stumbled upon a new species of flying frog – on the ground. While hiking in 2009, not far from Ho Chi Minh City, the capital of Vietnam, “we came across a huge green frog, sitting on a log,” said Jodi Rowley, an amphibian biologist at the Australian Museum in Sydney. Upon further inspection, she found that the 9

World’s tiniest vertebrates found

Measuring only a fraction of a coin, these tiny frogs were discovered hopping around in the tropical forests of Papua New Guinea. But small as they are, they have really big names: Paedophryne amauensis and Paedophryne swiftorum are the smallest vertebrates found so far, according to the report published in PLoS one. Until now, that title was held by a