Dogs quarantined after vets find dangerous disease that can be passed to humans

A pet’s sickness shouldn’t normally be transmissible to humans — except in this case.

How air pollution affects human health

Air pollution kills 5.5 million people around the world yearly.

Unvaccinated French child brings measles back to Costa Rica

Antivaxx trends and complacency are bringing back a disease from the brink of eradication.

Scientists find oldest evidence of black plague in 5,000-year-old human remains

The remains of a 20-year-old woman found in Sweden may help scientists retrace the origin of the deadly disease.

Homeopathy is ineffective against children’s cold and flu

Captain Obvious to the rescue!

Air pollution may increase the risk of developing dementia

This is an observational study and, as such, the findings cannot be used to establish a cause-effect relationship — but it does raise some important questions.

New research shows why some people get the common cold more easily

Bless you!

Anti-vaxx fears fuel measles outbreak in Europe — with 37 fatalities already

We’re all in this together — we can’t let the diseases win.

Vaccinating against livestock disease could reduce poverty in eastern Africa, study finds

Vaccines could go a long way towards alleviating poverty in the area.

A lung-healing protein could be the reason why men recover from flu faster than women

Sorry, ladies.

The first case of chronic wasting disease suspected in Jackson County

Although the case was not yet confirmed, deer farms in the area have already been notified to take extra precautions.

Overeager immune system cells may be to blame for multiple sclerosis

Fortunately, they’re hot on the heels of the mechanisms that allow them to affect brain cells.

Most Americans aren’t really healthy, study finds

Unfortunately… not so many good news this time.

Some people can really tell if you look sick, new study reports

How good are you at detecting diseased people?

Snake fungal disease could be a global threat, much bigger than we thought

“This really is the worst-case scenario,” said one scientist.

Lab mice with natural gut bacteria are wildly more resistant to disease and tumors

Living in a sterile, controlled environment make lab mice not such a good model for human diseases.

Dolphins can also get Alzheimer’s, surprising new study finds

We really do have a lot in common with dolphins.

Snake fungal disease observed in Europe for the first time

Some pretty bad news for European snakes.

In 2014, the Ebola virus mutated to infect people more efficiently

Viruses are mutating and adapting to the human body.

African study wants to track half a million people for five years

South Africa has announced plans for what will be the continent’s largest study.