Facebook posts can be used to predict anxiety, depression, and even diabetes

One day, our social media history might play an important role in the doctor’s office.

Why depressed people listen to more sad music

It’s probably not what you think.

Indicators of despair on the rise for Gen X-ers entering middle age, paper reports

“The increase in despair that occurs across the 30s is generalized to the entire cohort, regardless of race, ethnicity, education, and geography,” the authors write.

Ketamine might relieve depression by repairing brain circuits

Ketamine works its magic in a two-step process that first starts with the repair of brain circuits damaged by depression.

We thought depression arises from just 18 genes — we were wrong, new study finds

“We are not saying that depression is not heritable at all. It is. What we are saying is that depression is influenced by many many variants, and individually each of those has a miniscule effect.”

New study wants to tackle depression, obesity, chronic pain by blocking a single protein

Sounds a bit too good to be true, I gotta admit!

Activating one gene in the brains of male mice helps reverse depression

Sorry ladies.

New drug reverses memory loss related to depression and aging

The implications could also be huge for people with Alzheimer’s.

Engaging in cultural activities can stave off depression in old age

If nothing else, at least you’ll have some fun attending!

Scientists find brain signal associated with depression and anxiety

Zooming in on the secrets of the brain.

In the fight against depression, researchers turn to mind-reading (that works)

How’s your pound of gray matter feeling today?

AI spots depression by looking at your patterns of speech

Computer: “What is my purpose?”
MIT: “You spot depression!”
Computer: :(

About 1 in 4 US teen girls hurt themselves, a new report finds

America has a hidden problem on its hands.

Women who wake up early are at lower risk of depression

Researchers advise people to sleep in early in order to lessen the risk for depression.

More than 200 common prescription drugs might cause depression

One-third of American adults take at least one drug with depression as a side effect.

Major depression in men makes couples less likely to conceive

Depression can make both men and women infertile.

More than a third of graduate students are depressed

Graduate students are six times likelier to be depressed than the general population.

Scientists discover how ketamine is so good against depression

The team believed that ketamine affected a small part of the brain, called the lateral habenula, also known as the “anti–reward center.”

Sleep deprivation and irregular sleep patterns are linked to anxiety and depression

Researchers discovered a consistent link between sleep irregularity and repetitive negative thinking.

Starting school before 8:30 AM increases depression risk, researchers find