Starting school before 8:30 AM increases depression risk, researchers find


Feeling bad about feeling bad makes you feel even worse

Turn that frown upside down? No, just accept that sometimes it’s OK to feel bad.

Ketamine has encouraging effects for depression but long-term consequences are still unclear

Ketamine is remarkable against depression but questions remain about the long-term risks.

A man’s sweet tooth can increase the risk of anxiety and depression

Bad news, everyone.

Stress as a child may leave you unable to cope with stress and depression later on

Stress — it’s never good for you. But sometimes, it’s worse.

Study shows the martial art of Tai Chi is effective against depression

Fighting depression with a martial art.

Feeling down? Walk it off! No really, walking is all you have to do

Who said you can’t run from your problems?

Depressed? It might be because your neurons got their branches tangled up

Keep it tidy, neurons.

Heavy video gaming in teens could point to depression, if it’s always playing alone

Sometimes a game is just a game. Sometimes it’s a way to cope.

Self-treating depression and anxiety with pot might work for a while, but it’s probably bad in the long-term

It’s not a waterproof study, but it’s a good starting point for further research.

One in ten airline pilots are suffering from depression and they keep it a secret

At the end of the day, flying is still the safest mean to travel.

Depression and anxiety cause stomach and skin issues, respectively

They mess up your brain, and they mess up your body.

Alcohol and rapid antidepressants share the same brain pathway, which might explain a lot of things

This serves to explain why a drink or two when you’re down can go a long way.

Can animals get depressed too?

The jury is still out but the evidence seems to suggest ‘yes’.

New algorithm can detect depression by Instagram photos

It’s a simple principle which could help improve millions of lives.

Tinder might make you feel less satisfied with your appearance and lower self-esteem

Some let Tinder get the best of them…

New Sage Therapeutics drug alleviates postpartum depression in majority of patients

The drug might be a big step forward in the treatment of postpartum depression.

Magic mushrooms show promise for ‘untreatable depression’

A new study published in the Lancet Psychiatry reports that “magic mushrooms” could help in otherwise “untreatable” cases of depression.

Why depression makes you tired

Depression can be exhausting.

Depression is more than just a mental disorder – it affects the entire body

A meta-analysis of 29 previous studies has confirmed what many researchers were already suspecting: depression affects the entire body.