California to launch its “own damn satellite” to monitor air pollution, climate change

Go Cali, go!

Gov. Brown doubles-down on California’s already ambitious pledge — it will be carbon-neutral by 2045

Big moves in California!

California is generating so much renewable energy, it’s about to take a break

California’s green policy is so successful it needs to slow down for a bit.

New U.S. Center to research how viruses can help us overcome drug resistance

If you can’t beat them — infect them!

Eighteen U.S states are taking the EPA to court over weakening emission regulations

“We are not looking to pick a fight with the Trump administration, but we are ready for one,” said California Attorney General Xavier Becerra.

California can expect more and more extreme weather events, due to global warming

Climate change is already taking a massive toll

Sierra Nevada rose an inch due to water loss from California drought

It was that bad.

Unprecedented, catastrophic wildfires blaze through California

Strong evidence indicates that humans are at least partly to blame.

California now has an official dinosaur: the Augustynolophus

Paleontologists hope that this will inspire a new generation

Environmental Risks Associated With California’s Cap and Trade Bill

We need to start putting the environment first — not big business.

As Trump alienates the US from the rest of the world, California Gov. takes up climate talks with China

When life gives you lemons..

L.A. lawns lose 70 billion gallons of water every year. “It was the maximum water loss possible,” said scientist

Talk about waste.

Earlier this month, California broke yet another green record using over 67% renewable power

Woob woob!

California’s dry spell may be officially over but some parts of the state will need decades for precipitation to recover

One step forward, two steps back.

California becomes the first US state to ban plastic bags

California confirms its status as a leader in American sustainability, becoming the first US state ever to ban plastic bags.

How much land California needs to cover with solar panels to become 100% fossil fuel-free

Sounds like a lot, but by comparison with other infrastructure, it’s far from being intimidating. ‘Let’s get to work!’

Global warming might lock California in drought for centuries

Aridity might be the new normal in California.

Meet the Pipe: a beautiful desalinization plant that might one day serve 1.5 billion gallons of water to California

Who says desalinization isn’t sexy?

California’s highways will generate electricity from cars driving over them

California will harvest freeways for electricity.

Gravitational pull causes some earthquakes on California’s San Andreas Fault

Despite being thousands of kilometers away, the sun and moon are behind some of the earthquakes on the Earth.