Semi-artificial photosynthesis points the way to a viable hydrogen economy

A little help from life goes a long way.

Falling battery cost might push wind and solar to 50% of global energy generation by 2050

Renewable energy is set to power the future.

How exactly do solar panels work?

Solar energy is on the rise, but how does it really work?

Chernobyl is transforming into a massive solar plant — and it’s almost done

There’s some poetic justice in having Chernobyl once again produce energy — but this time, from the Sun.

Cyborg bacteria equipped with tiny solar panels outperform photosynthesis

Trees aren’t obsolete yet but this hybrid system can do amazing things.

For the first time in history, solar jobs outnumber coal jobs in Virginia

It’s not even surprising — renewable energy continues its spectacular advance.

Fractal-etched graphene electrode boosts solar energy supercapacitor storage by 3,000%

This could be a game changer.

Record-breaking silicon solar cell efficiency of 26.6% demonstrated by Japanese researchers, very close to the theoretical limit

We’re getting closer to the ideal silicon solar cell.

Largest ‘artificial sun’ switched on in Germany to research hydrogen production

German engineers turn on a huge light bulb to better understand solar energy.

Startup makes solar panels that can blend with any environment. It can match a rooftop, show an ad, anything basically

A solution for people who think rooftop solar is ugly.

Solar employs nearly twice as many people in U.S. electricity generation than oil, gas, and coal combined

Green tech doesn’t kill jobs. On the contrary.

Installing solar was cheaper than fossil fuels in 2016

It’s happening – renewables are becoming cheaper than fossil fuels!

Solar energy in the United States had its best quarter ever. Can it keep it up, though?

It’s been a wonderful year for solar in the U.S.

China will build the world’s biggest solar farm: 6 million panels amounting to 2GW, stretched over 7,000 city blocks

China does it again.

How much land California needs to cover with solar panels to become 100% fossil fuel-free

Sounds like a lot, but by comparison with other infrastructure, it’s far from being intimidating. ‘Let’s get to work!’

These TWO charts are enough to understand why solar power is the future of energy

It’s all you need to know, really.

Solar cells woven into fabric could turn any tent, curtain or clothes into a solar panel

Solar energy is definitely in fashion nowadays.

Abandoned gold mine in Australia gets turned into novel renewable energy hub

One of the cleverest things we’ve seen in a long time. One up for the environment.

Why renewable energy is getting cheaper all the time

The challenges of transitioning to a renewable electricity sector are no doubt great, but it sure helps that it’s cheap!

Chile just signed the cheapest unsubsidized power in the world at ¢2.91/kWh.

There are absolutely no subsidies which means this is the cheapest power plant in the world.