Both males and females perceive women wearing makeup as more open to casual sex — and they’re wrong

It sounds a lot like wishful thinking.

Norwegian elders lead in masturbation

Health care systems must recognize the┬áneed for sex — older people are not asexual.

Almost 40% of people aged 65 to 80 are sexually active, but few are open about it

Older people have sex too, but they don’t talk about it to their doctors, which may be a problem.

Alcohol might lead to postsexual regret more than ecstasy or marijuana

Men experienced sexual dysfunction when consuming alcohol or taking molly, while women had problems when smoking pot.

Neuron cluster which can override sleep identified in the fruit fly brain

95% of students like this bundle of neurons.

Sleeping around makes it hard to speciate by mixing genes, paper shows

I don’t even want to speciate.

Men trophy hunt to show off to the ladies, new research found

Please don’t do it with these people, ladies.

If you like having sex, you should thank pathogens for making it possible


Two-day long sexual ‘afterglow’ helps couples bond and feel more sexually satisfied after the deed

Sex — it’s good for you.

From married couples to the hook-up kids, Americans are having less sex across the board

Maybe they’re outsourcing this too?

Have more sex and leave stress at the office to improve your work life

Truth be told, sex improves most experiences.

Condomless, reversible male contraceptive treatment shows its worth in rhesus monkey trial

If everything goes smoothly, we might see it available in 2018.

Sex is painful for 1 in 13 women, but no one wants to talk about it

A survey of 7,000 sexually active women aged 16 to 74 found that sex is painful for a lot of women — they just don’t like to talk about it.

Chimps, unlike humans, are more likely to choose genetically-dissimilar mates

Two different takes on an age-old topic.

We pick our mates by their genome — even if we aren’t aware of it

Humans too engage in assortative mating, scientists find.

Why do people have sex?

A deceivingly simple question.

Training men how to read women might help curb sexually aggressive behaviour

There might be a way to help alpha males understand when women are interested.

The next sexual revolution might be that of the human-robot intercourse

Weird times ahead.

Expert warns smart-cars will promote sex behind the wheel and distracted driving

Will widespread use of smart cars make roads safer or actually more dangerous? One Canadian expert is raising concerns that as automated systems take up the bulk of navigating tasks, drivers will keep their hands less on the driving wheel…and more on the person (persons?) next to them.

Fungus turns frogs into sex zombies, but then kills off whole species

A new study of Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis (Bd), a deadly fungus which affects amphibians worldwide, found that it spreads by making males’ mating calls more attractive to females. The pathogen alters the reproductive habits of different species of amphibians, explaining why frogs and related species continue to disappear across the globe.