Autonomous killer drone aims to save the Great Barrier Reef

Can we please call these things Star Destroyers? Please?

The Twitter discussion around vapes is grand — and 70% filled with bots

Welcome to selling strategies, where ethics are made up and your health doesn’t matter!

Biology can help patch the flaws in our robots, metastudy reports

Life to the rescue!

Researchers quantify basic rules of ethics and morality, plan to copy them into smart cars, even AI

Be good, drive good.

Endowing AI with confidence and doubt will make it more useful, paper argues

More like us, in other words.

Knowing for the sake of knowing: algorithm developed to hardwire curiosity into robots

Curiosity may have killed the cat, but cats don’t run on microprocessors. I think.

These tiny birds’ hopping could teach robots how to navigate rough environments

Hoppity hop.

Your robot always dropping stuff? Try these gecko-inspired pads

A gripping tale.

Robot see, robot do: MIT software allows you to instruct a robot without having to code

No code? No problem!

This robot works six times faster than humans — and it’s putting jobs at risk

The time where we could speak about ‘robots taking our jobs’ at the future tense has passed.

First deep-sea mining operation scheduled to start in 2019 — here are the bots that will do it

Whether you agree to the idea or not, the bots sure are awesome.

Emotional computers really freak people out — a new take on the uncanny valley

Be like us, but not us.

Check the wheels on that thing: Boston Dynamics’ latest robot overlord

One award-winning company is back in style with another crazy robot.

Even bots have arguments. Some Wikipedia bots can undo each other for years before settling an edit

An important incursion into bot sociology.

Chinese factory replaces 90% of human workers with robots. Production rises by 250%, defects drop by 80%

After a factory in Dongguan, China, replaced most of its workers with robots, it witnessed a spectacular rise in productivity.

New robot picks peppers like a human

Robots are getting smarter and smarter.

NASA plans to build robots that explore frozen worlds from metallic glass so they don’t shatter

“Cold enough to shatter robots” is pretty cold in my book.

Meet Sawyer, the friendly robot that wants to disrupt manufacturing and education

Sawyer can do just about anything, even ‘wink’.

Robotic surveillance without enforcement isn’t enough to stop people from stealing, a new study found

To be fair, students will do insane things for food.

The army’s amazing 1962 four-legged Pedipulator beat Star Wars to it by 15 years

The ’60s were very creative.