The world’s first AI-written textbook showcases what machine learning can do — and what it can’t

The technology could have a surprising use.

Organic transistors bring us closer to brain-mimicking AI

It has the ability to learn, and is equipped with both short-term and long-term memory.

AI spots depression by looking at your patterns of speech

Computer: “What is my purpose?”
MIT: “You spot depression!”
Computer: :(

Researchers use machine learning algorithm to detect low blood pressure during surgery

Technology enters the surgery room.

Machine learning corrects photos taken in complete darkness, turns them into amazingly sharp images

Who needs Photoshop when you got this?

Nightmarish but brilliant blobs — AI-generated nudes would probably make Dali jealous

Hard to look at, harder to look away.

Will AI start to take over writing? How will we manage it?

An AI writer — can this really be?

DeepMind can now learn how to use its memories, apply knowledge to new tasks

The AI developed by Alphabet, Google’s parent company, just received a new and powerful update.

MIT machine makes videos out of still images to predict what happens next

Some creepy deformities at large, but we get the idea: machines are getting smarter.

NSA’s Skynet might be marking innocent people on its hit list

Between 2,500 and 4,000 so-called ‘extremists’ have been killed by drone strikes and kill squads in Pakistan since 2004. Maybe as early as 2007, the NSA has targeted terrorists based on metadata supplied by machine learning program named Skynet. I have no idea who would find naming Skynet a machine designed to list people for assassination a bright idea, but that’s besides the point. The real point is that the inner workings of this software, as revealed in part by Edward Snowden from his leaks, suggest that the program might be targeting innocent people.

IBM has a creepy patent that’s a search engine for your memory

How cool would it be to solve most of your personal problems like you’d use google. “Where’s my keys?” or “What meds did the vet say I should give my cat?”. Well, be careful what you wish for, because there’s a reason a personal search engine doesn’t exist yet: it can only work if you’re under surveillance 24/7. Or .. at least when you’re awake.

The ‘Next Big Things’ in Science Ten Years from Now

So, what’s the future going to look like ten years from now? What’s the next big thing? Genomics, big data, nanotech, a Martian colony and nuclear fusion, to name a few.

Researchers devise AI that allows machines to learn just as fast as humans

From its first try, a computer can now draw handwritten characters from an unfamiliar language just as well as humans can.

Microsoft scans photos to guess what your feelings are

Microsoft released an app that can guess emotions based on an uploaded photo.

Machine learning used to predict crimes before they happen – Minority Report style

The word on every tech executive’s mouth today is data. Curse or blessing, there’s so much data lying around – with about 2.5 quintillion bytes of data added each day – that it’s become increasingly difficult to make sense of it in a meaningful way. There’s a solution to the big data problem, though: machine learning algorithms that get fed countless variables and spot patterns otherwise oblivious to humans. Researchers have already made use of machine learning to solve challenges in medicine, cosmology and, most recently, crime. Tech giant Hitachi, for instance, developed a machine learning interface reminiscent of Philip K. Dick’s Minority Report which can predict when, where and possibly who might commit a crime before it happens.

Algorithm predicts the Price of Bitcoin – Developers Double Their Investment in 50 Days

A team at MIT has developed a prediction algorithm that allows them to determine when the price of the infamous volatile cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, will drop or rise. Using this method, the researchers managed to double their initial investment in 50 days, all through an automated process that involved more than 2,800 transactions. Money forecast Since the last year or so, Bitcoin