Pediatricians swallow Lego toys to see how long it takes to poop them out

The exit time was measured by the Found and Retrieved Time (FART) score.

LEGO launches functioning wind turbine model to promote sustainability

Who doesn’t love Legos?

Scientists build chemical weapon detector with Lego

Gruesome chemical weapons can be detected with the help of children’s toys.

Lego will start making its first sustainable pieces, replacing plastic

Green toys are the best toys.

LEGO Group achieves 100% renewable energy 3 years ahead of schedule, builds LEGO-turbine to celebrate

When you thought it’s not possible to love LEGO even more…

This Lego tape is the best thing you never knew you wanted

Shut up and take my money!

Why Lego won’t ever make ‘realistic’ military-related toys

Because it doesn’t think war is child’s play.

Move over, toys: scientists create LEGO replica of a nuclear spectrometer

A new model of a spectrometer was unveiled by Australian national nuclear research and development organisation. But this one is made of LEGOs.

Lego is investing millions to ditch petroleum-based plastic

The Danish-based Lego is one of the big companies in the world that’s actually making large scale efforts to lower its carbon footprint and run more sustainable business. They don’t seem to be doing it out of a fake corporate responsibility ethos either. Lego is actually innovating. I mean, when a company says it wants to ditch the raw material its business is based on for something that’s more expensive and which might not even exist yet, you know they actually mean it.

Worm ‘brain’ controls LEGO robot – what this means for the human brain

One of the most interesting projects in science today are the  BRAIN Initiative in the US and the Human Brain Project in Europe, which aim to map all the synapse connections in the human brain, or connectome, and ultimately simulate it. It’s an ambitious project with numerous challenges, but the possible benefits are well worth it. We could finally deconstruct

This lucky tortoise can walk again thanks to a custom-built LEGO wheelchair

When it comes to human prosthetics, there are usually many options available – from simple frames or tools, to advanced, electronic prosthetics. But life isn’t as easy for turtles; such was the case of Blade, a German tortoise with a growth disorder that left his legs so weak that he couldn’t hold himself up. Now, thanks to the ingenuity of this

The Five Coolest Things People Have Made Using LEGO

Over the years, LEGO building blocks have been a source of hours of endless entertainment for kids (and kids at heart) worldwide. Encouraging creativity and unintentionally rewarding children for selfishly bogarting all the pieces of a particular color, all sorts of interesting things can be made out of a decently sized tub of LEGO bricks. However, there will always be

New female scientist figurines introduced by LEGO

There’s a huge gender gap between men and women in science that can be tied to early segregation in childhood (boys with math, girls with humanities), continuing with bias against women pursuing science, either in the classroom, academia or industry later on in life. Efforts to close this gender gap are made, and progress, albeit slow by all accounts, seems

DNA ‘Lego’ bricks used to build 3D nano-objects

In a breakthrough for nanotechnology, researchers at the Harvard’s Wyss Institute have found the right mix of chemistry and molecular programming to trick DNA strands to fit together perfectly, just like Lego bricks, and thus form various objects and shapes, all based on the scientists’ software design. Thus, a myriad of objects made out of DNA were created in the

The shuttle is back in space, it’s made out of LEGO though [VIDEO]

A lot of people were left disheartened when the iconic space shuttle program was canceled last year. Though it’s now been turned into a museum exhibit, the shuttle has remained in the minds and hearts of millions as a symbol of man’s journey towards the stars. Romanian Raul Oaida made his own tribute, and put a LEGO model shuttle into space

Astronaut builds lego ISS on board the ISS

So we heard you like the International Space Station, so we made an ISS inside the ISS. Humor aside, I was pleasantly surprised this morning to read that Lego teamed up with NASA to assemble a scale model of the International Space Station in space. Flight engineer Satoshi Furukawa, which we featured earlier on ZME when he played baseball with

Homemade supercomputer made with lego is highly energy efficient

Mike Schropp can be considered a geek-tinkerer, a person whose passion for hacking, tweaking and generally setting things apart animate him day by day. His most recent project comes as a pinnacle to his self-proclaimed label, combining his passion for building computers and lego (you’d be surprised how well they come together) to build a highly efficient supercomputer. He was