SpaceX lands Falcon Heavy boosters — plans to reuse them later this year

Honestly, it’s like SpaceX is showing off.

Elon Musk shares full-body pic of SpaceX’s sleek astronaut suit

Space flight just got a lot sexier.

SpaceX’s Dragon capsule passse critical safety test – closer to ferrying astronauts to ISS

The SpaceX Dragon crew capsule’s milestone safety state which took place the other day passed NASA’s approval board. Back then, the capsule was launched atop a trunk powered by eight SuperDraco engines to a height of 1,187 meters (3,900 feet) at 345mph. The capsule then separated from the trunk and deployed three parachutes that touched it down for a splash in the Atlantic, very close to shore.

SpaceX supply ship arrives at space station with groceries

It’s a belated Christmas on the International Space Station – a shipment of much needed groceries arrived, delivered by SpaceX.

SpaceX Dragon Capsule docks with ISS

After a great deal of excitement following a glitch in the Dragon Capsule’s thrusters, the SpaceX vessel docked with the International Space Station as commander Kevin Ford wielded the lab’s robot arm and secured the spacecraft for berthing. A day late, the Dragon made a near-perfect rendezvous with the ISS 253 miles above northern Ukraine, much to the delight of the six astronauts

SpaceX launches third flight to the ISS, Dragon capsule suffers engine glitch

Just a few hours ago, SpaceX launched its third flight to the International Space Station tasked with carrying precious cargo as part of its current contract with NASA. Shortly after the 10:10 AM EST launch of the Falcon 9 from Cape Canaveral, however, the Dragon Capsule experienced a glitch shortly after parting with its rocket. The liftoff was smooth as a

SpaceX founder envisions 80,000 people colony on Mars

A real life Peter-Weyland, SpaceX founder and self-made billionaire, Elon Musk, has stirred up controversy with his space exploration claims on a number of occasions, mostly because they’re considered rather “too ambitious”. A few months ago Musk suggested that in a mere few decades, his company will be offering $500,000 there and back trips to Mars. Recently, he unveiled a new

SpaceX spacecraft lands safely on Earth, with creepy cargo

SpaceX has gone where no private company has gone before – and safely returned. They are now officially the only company able of space flight, after successfully delivering cargo to the International Space Station and now, returning, with some rather dubious cargo.   Of the total 907 kilograms of experiments and gear it holds, the shuttle carries liters of blood

SpaceX reaches International Space Station safely with precious cargo

Following what seemed to be a serious problem with one of the engines from the Falcon 9 rocket, the unmanned but highly equipped Dragon capsule successfully latched itself to the International Space Station (ISS). The capsule was capture by astronauts using a robotic arm after what seemed to be a flawless approach – which is really good news, considering that

SpaceX begins first cargo mission to International Space Station

We’re entering a new era in terms of low orbit space flight, ladies and gents. SpaceX successfully launched the first in a dozen planned missions to supply the International Space Station, after it successfully tested its Dragon capsule and Falcon rocket earlier this year. Thirty years ago, a private company launching shuttles to the ISS would have been a comic

Boeing and SpaceX split $1 billion NASA founds – commercial spaceflight on demand

Both Boeing and SpaceX are set to split as much as $1 billion in federal awards destined to spur development of next-generation manned spacecraft. This follows other funding ventures awarded in the past few years to private space companies, in NASA‘s attempt to delimit itself from suborbital ventures, so that it may concentrate on deep space ventures. The total amount

SpaceX on a roll – lands first customer for Falcon Heavy rocket

The most successful private space flight venture, SpaceX, continues its successful streak which began with the successful launch and docking of its Dragon capsule with the International Space Station, after the company announced recently it has sealed its first contract for its slated Falcon Heavy rocket, which is expected carry about twice as much payload into orbit as currently available

Dragon Capsule on course for ISS arrival

As promised, we’ll be keeping you posted with what the Dragon capsule is doing, on its remarkable way to the International Space Station (ISS). The private capsule, owned by SpaceX, was launched from the Falcon rocket and is now right on track to deliver a half-ton of supplies and become the first commercial vessel to visit the space station. “It’s

SpaceX finally launches for the ISS. Sparks new age for private spaceflight

Last Saturday, after many meticulous preparatory stages and a couple of exasperating postponements, SpaceX was set to launch  its Falcon 9 rocket, along with its Dragon capsule filled with food, supplies and science experiments destined for the International Space Station. A faulty valve, however, signaled officials to abort the launch with just ONE second to go. Years and years of research and preparation