Chimps also love to eat crabs, new study shows

This isn’t the only thing that surprised researchers.

Wild chimpanzees learned how to crack open tortoises — and they’re sharing the knowledge among themselves

Cracking open a turtle-y one with the boys.

Human interference is destroying chimpanzee culture, a new paper reports

Culture shock squared.

Chimps get grossed out too, pointing to the origins of disgust in humans

Nobody seems to like touching moist, soft stuff.

Wild chimpanzees have remarkably stable personality traits

Researchers revisited some chimps in Tanzania after more than 40 years and found their personality stayed remarkably consistent.

Chimpanzees can master circular relationships, rock-paper-scissors about as fast as a 4-year-old

Ah, R-P-S. The only civilized way of deciding who has to go to the store.

What does gestural communication of great apes tell us about human language?

Our language is one of the features that define us as human beings and distance us from all other animals.

Edible Ebola vaccine for wild apes could revolutionize how we fight the disease

It’s a terrible irony.

Chimp took down drone with careful planning

Calm and calculated – a chimp at a Dutch zoo took down a drone, squashing it with a tree branch. That’s pretty interesting (and a bit sad, if you’re the drone owner), but according to a paper published in the journal Primates, it may have more significance than it seems. According to the publishers, the chimp carefully planned the attack, just like a human would.

All chimps – wild or captive alike – now classed as ‘endangered’ in the US

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service reports it has classed all chimpanzees, whether captive or wild, under the Endangered Species Act. Previously, chimpanzees kept captive in labs for biomedical research, entertainment or as pets were classed as “threatened”.The USFWS director Dan Ashe agrees that this has transmitted an erroneous mixed message to the public. Whether captive (and hopefully cared for) or living in the wild, all chimps belong the same species, and this species is definitely endangered and in dire need of help.

Ebola has killed off a third of the world’s gorillas and chimpanzees

The great apes are suffering greatly from Ebola too – gorillas and chimps are facing the greatest threat ever, after Ebola has wiped out a third of the populations since the 1990s.

Chimps like African and Indian music – not Western music

Chimps prefer silence to all types of Western music(even classical music), but that doesn’t mean they don’t like music at all. A new study published in the American Psychological Association found that chimpanzees like traditional African and Indian music. “Our objective was not to find a preference for different cultures’ music. We used cultural music from Africa, India and Japan to

Laboratory Chimpanzees Released Into Sanctuary After 30 Years Of Cages – Their reactions are heart melting

30 years. They spent the vast majority of their lives in a lab, and after 30 years, they are released in a sanctuary. Their reactions say it all – this an exuberant, heart warming reaction, their joy and bewilderement can’t be captured in words. Watch the hug they have at 1:25… that just says it all! I don’t really want

Chimps are rational, not conformist – study shows

The fact that chimpanzees are extremely intelligent should no longer surprise anyone. Most people also know that they have their own social cues and are very sensitive to them, but even so, they usually refuse to conform to what the majority of group members are doing, preferring to stick with their personal preferences. However, now, a new study has shown

New study adds new dimension to the threats posed to the Bonobo – the ‘forgotten ape’

The Bonobo, or Pygmy Chimpanzee as it was once called, is one of our closest relatives, yet one of the most poorly studied. This fascinating ape displays unique social order and other highly interesting traits, and unfortunately like all great apes it is also endangered. Very little is known, however, about how many specimens are there in the wild or

Gorilla mother uses makeshift ladder to help her young climb an obstacle [PHOTO]

While chimpanzees, which are our closest relatives sharing 98% of our genetic blueprint, are notorious for their widespread tool use, the same can’t be said about gorillas. The great apes have only been caught twice by researchers engaged in tool use. One used a stick to explore the depth of a muddy river and another turned a tree trunk to

Abstract art painted by chimps to be auctioned. Raises awareness on lab cruelty

The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), recently initiated a bold and creative project in which they enlisted six member organizations of the North American Primate Sanctuary Alliance. HSUS asked the organizations if they would each submit a piece of art made by chimps belonging to their respective sanctuaries. In the end, some pretty creative and expressive pieces of art

Strikingly similar ape and human infant gestures hint to evolution of language

Psychologists closely studying chimpanzee, bonobo and human infants found striking similarities among the three species in terms of different types of gestures. Their findings seem to back-up the theory that claims language, as we know it, evolved from gesture-based communication first. Panpanzee, a female chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes), and Panbanisha, a female bonobo (Pan paniscus) were raised together at the Language

One in thirteen people have chimp-like feet

Did you know you may have chimp-like feet?

Chimps also ‘think about thinking’ akin to humans

Our close primate relatives, chimpanzees, have been constantly amazing us with their incredible cognitive abilities and personality traits that are so similar to our own. If you believe much of what you undertake today is limited to human cognition only, think again. Chimps do it too – thinking about thinking that is, as the findings of a recent research by