Europe is now home to over one million electric vehicles

China passed the mark in 2017. The US is estimated to do so later this year.

Kalashnikov presents retro-futuristic electric car

It’s interesting, but how many rounds per minute does it fire?

Your car’s vibrations are making you a lousier driver — by lulling you to sleep


Hot cars left in the sun reach temperatures deadly to infants in under an hour

Don’t judge. Forgetting about babies in the car could happen to anyone.

World’s first mass-produced, 3D-printed car is electric, looks cool and costs under $10K

Hope this leads to a future where you can download and print your own car.

New Finnish invention allows cars to easily detect black ice in real time

It could help reduce fuel consumption and make the winter roads safer.

Teaching smart cars how humans move could help make them safer and better

The hips don’t lie.

Paris, Madrid, Athens, Mexico City to ban all diesels by 2025, mayors announce

Maybe VW shouldn’t have cheated on their emissions tests.

Unsettling sculpture showcases how humans would look if we evolved to survive car crashes

Kinda looks like an end-boss in an RPG.

Aeromobil wants to have their latest prototype flying car commercially available by 2017

No traffic jams for this baby.

Autonomous mini-rally car learns to drift — this is more important than you think

When self-driving cars finally take off, these should be safe. But right now, there’s no guarantee they are. A small autonomus mini rally might help changed this.

The world’s first 3D printer supercar looks stunning, has amazing specs and is eco-friendly

It can reach 100 km/h (60 mph) in 2 seconds, it has a 700 horsepower engine, it weighs 90% less than traditional cars, it has less emissions and it’s 3D printed – it may very well be the car of the future. Despite technological developments, the automobile industry has remained relatively stagnant in the past few decades. Sure, you have

Toyota releases all its 5,680 hydrogen car patents for free

Major automaker Toyota announced at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas that it would release all of its nearly 6,000 patents pertaining to hydrogen car technology royalty-free for the next five years. Officials most likely hope that this sort of move will encourage other auto manufacturers and capital to invest in the hydrogen economy.  Of the nearly 6,000 patents,

This is the world’s first 3D Printed Car

3D printing is changing our lives – we’re seeing it already. Basically any household item can be 3D printed, and cheaper; in medicine we have 3D printed bones and even skin, you can get a 3D printed tattoo, 3D printed fossils for education, you can 3D print houses cheaply and quickly and even rocket parts – NASA is actually 3D printing rocket engine parts!

Power and Economy in a Sedan

Power and efficiency can seem like contradictory qualities in a vehicle.  A big truck may have lots of towing power but relatively poor fuel economy for that long trip to the lake, making such trips more expensive for the driver.  On the other hand, a tiny hybrid coupe may have a driving range that ranges from California to Texas, but

Flying car takes off in Slovakia

Merging road cars with airplanes into a two-in-one  purpose vehicle may seem like a SciFi endeavor, but how truly crazy is this idea? Although we’re far from seeing people hovering to work in a Jetson’s-like craft or mid-air traffic jams like in the Fifth Element, some people believe street-legal cars that can both run on the road and fly represent

Self-braking system for cars could save countless lives

There were 5.4 million automobile crashes on U.S. roads in 2010, killing 33 000 people and injuring more than 2.2 million, according to survey released by the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The death toll around the world is much higher. While cars  have been designed to be a lot safer by making them more crash resistant in the past decades,

Hypermiling car can travel 1,325 miles on a gallon of gas

Gas prices have sky rocketed during the past five years, and so far it seems to know only one trend – upwards. As such, fuel efficiency, besides keeping environmental pollution to a minimum, has become a sort of priority for today’s automobile manufacturers. Captioned above is a hypermiling concept car, developed by Cambridge Design Partnership, which its engineers boost it

Future cars could be partially powered by their bodywork

Parts of the car’s bodywork could double up as it’s batter in a not so far away future; at least that’s what the people involved in the 3.4 million project believe. They are working on a prototype that can store and discharge electrical energy; the material is also light and very hard. Ultimately, this will not only double the battery,

A fifth of Florida’s pumas were killed in car collisions

There are less than 100 pumas left in Florida’s wilds, and 17 were killed in collisions with cars, which is even more than in 2008 (when 10 such magnificent creatures found their death after being hit by a car) and 2007 (15). For me, it’s absolutely heart breaking to see this happening. You’d expect people to learn, after panther numbers