How the alcohol industry lies to you

While it’s in no way as bad as Big Tobacco, Big Alcohol also isn’t clean.

What happens in the brain when you mix marijuana and alcohol

Alcohol and weed can mix well, but only if you’re careful.

Cheers! Regular drinkers might live longer lives without dementia

You shouldn’t pick up drinking just yet — on the contrary.

Alcohol doesn’t change our personality as much as we blame it

This doesn’t mean you can’t keep blaming it.

Drugs that cancel the buzz of alcohol are safe and efficient, meta-analysis confirms, but people don’t know about them

Many studies have found naltrexone effective against alcohol addiction but few doctors prescribe it to addicts.

Teen alcohol and hard drug consumption reaches new lows – but not marijuana

Teenagers’ use of hard drugs, alcohol and tobacco in the US has gone down significantly in recent years.

Gene variant that makes people less inclined to drink alcohol might help treat addiction

Genetic influence on drinking is real.

Synthetic alcohol comes will all the benefits of regular alcohol, only without hangover

You can get drunk without having to deal with dry mouth, nausea, and headaches, says a British researcher.

Archaeologists and brewers recreate 2,500 year old funeral drink from residues found in a tomb

A drink to die for.

Alcohol and rapid antidepressants share the same brain pathway, which might explain a lot of things

This serves to explain why a drink or two when you’re down can go a long way.

Here’s why your drinking buddies are ruining your liver

When out for drinks, we’re careful not to be the drunkest — beyond that, anything goes.

Study suggests that primates prefer alcohol in their nectar

Looks like happy hour isn’t just a human thing.

Getting blackout drunk: how alcohol can leave you with no memory of the night before

Blacking out from alcohol is a bit more complicated than you might think.

A brief incursion into humanity’s obsession with alcohol

It took 10 million years to evolve the ability to metabolize alcohol. Was it worth it?

Synthetic wine can mimic classic vintages, for a fraction of the time and price

Ava Winery, a start-up based in San Francisco, wants to let you enjoy the best of wines for a fraction of their current cost. To this end, they’ll bypass the costly growing and fermentation processes; in fact, they won’t use grapes at all. Their wines will be synthetically produced, by combining aromatic compounds with ethanol.

How to make vodka, with science!

Chemistry gets an undeserved bad reputation and it all starts in school. Can we nudge people to change their view of what is an undeniably awesome field of science? Is there a way to make chemistry a part of their life that they hold dear? I say yes. The answer is one of its most useful known abilities — that of turning boring old food into booze. And we’re here to tell you how to make vodka — so you can get hammered, all in the comfort of your home. With science!

Light-moderate drinking is good for your heart

Beer, liquor and wine lovers – rejoice!

Alcohol while pregnant: not even a drop, American Academy of Pediatrics urges

“No amount of alcohol should be considered safe to drink during any trimester of pregnancy,” wrote the the American Academy of Pediatrics in a report which identified ingesting alcohol during pregnancy as the leading cause of preventable birth defects.

Legal, but not safe: small distractions make driving drunk lethal

Even though driving after drinking small amounts is legal, it’s most definitely not safe, research from the University of Kentucky (UK) in the U.S. finds. Nicholas van Dyke and Mark Fillmore at UK reported that for intoxicated drivers, even those driving under the legally accepted alcohol limit, small distractions such as a text message or dashboard controls are just too much to handle safely. The study provides the first scientific evidence on the impact such distractions have on the ability of liquored drivers to safely control vehicles.

Your favorite drinks – under the microscope

Well, microscopic drinks are not really a thing, aren’t they? Not in the clubs where I go, anyway – we like our drinks large. But just stop a moment and think – how would your cocktail or beer look under a microscope? I’d wager this: it’s not like anything you thought. So, this awesome company called BevShots specializes on microscopic