Beautiful Kinetic Artwork Sorts River Stones by Age

Fulfilling the job that scientists and unlucky undergrads have been doing for years, the kinetic machine Jller selects and sorts pebbles found on a 6 1/2 x 13 foot platform into a grid organized by geologic age. Without any assistance, the machine analyzes rocks based on their shape and sizes, understand their correct placement and transports them to the right place on

Theremin: the electronic instrument you play without touching anything

The theremin is a unique musical instrument which involves two antennas and which you can play with your bare hands, without touching anything. We’ll talk about its history, the working principle and how you can play/build your own.

Visualizing the motions of Kung Fu [video]

Designer Tobias Gremmler (more videos here) wanted to catch the movements of kung fu on film – just the moves, without the people. Devoid of humans, kung fu simply becomes a chain of melodic movements, a study of applied physics in digital form. The results are stunning, and they make for great wallpapers too!

Artist uses plants as stencils for beautiful, delicate tattoos

It’s the perfect tattoo for people who forget to water their plants: Ukrainian illustrator and tattoo artist Rita Zolotukhina creates “botanical fingerprints”, using actual plants for designs. To create the tattoos, she dips the plants in ink, then presses them on the customer’s body, basing the tattoo on this imprint – much like a stencil. “We don’t know the definitive look when

The solar system brought down to scale in Nevada desert

Every picture you’re likely to see of it shows planets and moons too close together prevents you from getting a feel of the size of our solar system. A group of friends plans to change that, however.

The new Rembrandt: Computer creates new “Rembrandt painting”

Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn is one of the most talented and famous artists in human history. It’s been almost four centuries since he created his unique masterpieces. Now, a team of artists, researchers and programmers wanted to see if they can create a new Rembrandt painting – through a computer algorithm.

This is the oldest song in history: a 3,400-year-old hymn

Music etched in clay tablets more than 3,400 years ago in Syria was recorded. This is the oldest song thus far, researchers say.

When Science and Poetry go out for lunch: the Best Science Limericks

Limericks are a very specific type of poetry that emerged in England in the early years of the 18th century. It was popularized by Edward Lear in the 19th century although curiously, he didn’t coin the term “limerick”, and we don’t know where it came from. Your units are wrong! cried the teacher. Your church weighs six joules — what a

Artists literally shine a mask on a Japanese beauty’s face using projection mapping

It’s hard not to love video mapping, especially if you’ve seen a show up close and personal.

The Human Library lets you check out people, not books

‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’ right about sums up the Human Library Project. The concept is simple, but very powerful: instead of checking out books, you sit with a random stranger for half an hour and listen to his life story. Titles include Child Of The Holocaust Survivors, The Gypsy Tale, Iraq War Veteran, or Orphanage Boy. Just like a book, you’ll be exposed to a unique experience, only you’ll also interact with the author, ask questions and learn much more.

Why getting a tattoo hurts — the science behind inking

Humans have tattooed themselves since times immemorial to celebrate gods, show social standing, for medicinal purposes or just to look good. And since the dawn of this controversial form of art, people have endured excruciating pain to adorn their body with ink; but why does tattooing hurt so much?

Hidden portrait found under the Mona Lisa

In what reads like the headline for a modern mystery novel, a researcher has found a hidden portrait under the Mona Lisa – or so he claims.

Intricate “Plant Sculptures” Are Beautiful and Make You Think

French artist Emeric Chantier’s recent series of plant sculptures is not only a spectacular work of art, but it provides a strong reflection on the place of human beings in nature, as well as our relationship with nature. Are we killing nature, is it killing us, or are we living together in harmony? His series of plant sculptures depicts skulls, weapons,

The nameless paint: a new way of thinking about color

Simplicity is the ultimate complexity – that was the reasoning behind Nameless Paints – a set of 10 paint tubes designed by Yusuke Imai and Ayami Moteki that replace color names with only visual colors. They look like this: The thing is, most companies are opting for more and more creative and exotic color names (like ‘inchworm’ or ‘jazzberry jam’) – that seems like

The spectacular process of making a glass chandelier from scratch

Glassblowing is awesome as it is, but making a chandelier… that’s definitely something else. The Science Channel went behind the scenes to film the elaborate glass-working process of building a very fancy 150-pound lighting mechanism. Unfortunately, they didn’t show the creators of the chandelier – that’s Baccarat crystal studio (it’s written on their shirts). This chandelier stretches for three feet in both

Artists build solar system to scale in the Nevada Desert

A group of friends have built the largest scale model (to my knowledge) of the solar system, in the dry bed of the Nevada Desert.

Temari Balls: Mixing Mathematics with Beautiful Art

Temari (手まり?) balls are an ancient form of art that originated in China and got was introduced to Japan around the 7th century A.D., where it became very popular.

Algorithm turns photos into specific style of painting

German researchers from the University of Tubingen have devised an algorithm that analyzes a painting and then applies that style of painting to any desired picture. The results were recently published in a paper entitled, A Neural Algorithm of Artistic Style by Leon A. Gatys, Alexander S. Ecker and Matthias Bethge, and the results are simply spectacular: “In fine art, especially painting,

Gigantic Straw Dinosaurs are Taking over Japan!

When life gives you wara (rice straw), make… wara dinosaurs!

Crystallizing books – the spectacular art of Alexis Arnold

We see this too often – loads and loads of discarded books in storage rooms, on the sidewalk, even in our homes. Abandoned books are a much too common sight, and at least to me, a depressing sight. This inspired San Francisco-based artist Alexis Arnold to embark on a fascinating quest to make something beautiful – crystallized books. “The Crystallized Book series