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Chimeric organ harvesting: growing human organs inside pigs

brown pig

Sure to raise a slew of controversy and debate, researchers in Japan are currently investigating the possibility of growing human organs, like kidneys, livers or even hearts, inside pigs. A real life chimeric tale, as if spawned from the Island of Dr. Moreau. The challenges are numerous though, both technical (we’re talking about growing human organs in a foreign host),

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High tech farm aims to clean up Fukushima and provide energy


Japanese authorities have approved the construction of a futuristic farming project in Japan’s Fukushima prefecture, in a part of the land which has been radioactively contaminated. It seems the most unlikely place to try to put a utopian blueprint into practice, since the prefecture was severely contaminated by the meltdown at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant, following the earthquake and

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What a polar vortex is, and why it is affecting the US


A big part of the US and Canada is currently in the grip of a polar vortex – extreme colds, strong winds, cancelled flights and overall chaos in many parts of the continent – it’s big, and it’s nasty. But what is a polar vortex, and what’s causing it? What’s a polar vortex anyway? A polar vortex is a large

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Wind power was Spain’s top source of electricity in 2013 – CO2 emissions go down by 23%


It may be one heck of a coincidence, or it could be the fact that renewable energy causes a major drop in emissions – choose your pick. Remarkable new figures from Spain’s grid operator have revealed that greenhouse gas emissions from the country’s energy sector have fallen by approximately 23.1% last year, as wind and hidroelectric energy generation soared. Red

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Dogs can sense Earth’s magnetic field… while pooping

Jenny Ricken / Univ. of Duisberg-Essen via AFP - Getty Images

Every dog owner can attest that canines are remarkable navigators, like some sort of living, breathing compasses. For some time, researchers have suspected that they can sense Earth’s magnetic field and use it in turn for navigation. A recent study confirmed this as a fact, however the findings came after studying the dogs in one of their most intimate poses

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What made the strange web towers in Amazon


A while ago, we were telling you about the mysterious “fenced” white cocoons – of which researchers knew nothing about. The strange structures were photographed by graduate student Troy Alexander in the Peruvian Amazon. Now, we finally know what built them. Finding such a peculiar and unknown structure quickly went viral on the internet and it raised numerous questions –

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What Are Bat Surveys And Why Do I Need One?


  If you are building, demolishing, just doing some home improvements or submitting a planning application that may affect bats in any way, it might be necessary for you to seek out a bat survey in order to proceed with your project. But what exactly is a bat survey and why do I need one? What is a Bat survey?

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Coral Reefs can be saved – immediate action is necessary

Image via by USFWS Pacific.

Although some scientists suggest that coral reefs are headed for certain doom, a new study by University of Florida and Caribbean has shown that even damaged reefs can recover, but immediate and consistent action is required. Saving Coral Reefs Corals are very sensitive to environmental conditions. Even slight warming and increased ocean acidification (two processes of which Earth has plenty

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Chimps are rational, not conformist – study shows


The fact that chimpanzees are extremely intelligent should no longer surprise anyone. Most people also know that they have their own social cues and are very sensitive to them, but even so, they usually refuse to conform to what the majority of group members are doing, preferring to stick with their personal preferences. However, now, a new study has shown

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Geologist leaves message in a bottle near glacier in 1959, gives indication about global warming


In 1959, an American geologist built a rock cairn 1.2 meters away from this glacier; he left a note, asking whoever finds it to measure the distance to the glacier. Today, that distance has grown up to 101.5 meters. Researchers who found the incredibly creative and unusual note say it’s highly unexpected for a scientist in the 1950s to predict