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Real life Avatar story: Ecuadorean tribe will ‘die fighting’ to defend their home against oil exploitation


In what looks to be one of the most one sided and saddening events in the Amazon rainforest history, an indigenous community of about 400 villagers is preparing to resist the Ecuadorean army and one of the biggest oil companies in South America – to protect their homes and the rainforest they live in. Pristine forests and oil reservoirs The…


Fantastic frog found flying in Vietnamese forests


Scientists have stumbled upon a new species of flying frog – on the ground. While hiking in 2009, not far from Ho Chi Minh City, the capital of Vietnam, “we came across a huge green frog, sitting on a log,” said Jodi Rowley, an amphibian biologist at the Australian Museum in Sydney. Upon further inspection, she found that the 9…

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Mississippi river might become unnavigable blocking vital shipping route

(c)Seth Perlman/AP

Portions of the longest river in America, the Mississippi, are at risk of becoming unnavigable, spelling serious economic trouble in areas from the Upper-Midwest to New Orleans since it would also block a major shipping route. Typically the Army Corps of Engineers has been manipulating the river for decades in order to prevent it from changing its course at times…

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Beijing pollution seen from outer space – before and after pics

pollution beijing

A few days ago I was telling you about the drastic state of pollution taking place in China these days – pollution levels are so high that all newspapers, even communist ones started pressing the government into environmental protection. To see how much the Beijing pollution evolved – take a look at the picture of the Beijing area two weeks…

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Chimpanzees have a sense of fairness

Chimpanzees munch on leek at Tokyo's Tam

Chimpanzees have the same sense of fair-play as humans do, explain researchers who played the Ultimatum game with them – it’s the first time such a trait was observed in a non-human species. Playing a fair game The Ultimatum game is a simple game often used in economy game theory in which the two players involved interact to decide how…

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U.S. centered climate change report acknowledges human influence and tells of grim future

carbon dioxide climate change

A draft released by the U.S. National Climate Assessment reports how human-induced climate change has caused far reaching consequences far dire than previously estimated, affecting all regions of the U.S. “Corn producers in Iowa, oyster growers in Washington State, and maple syrup producers in Vermont have observed changes in their local climate that are outside of their experience,” the report said….

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China pollution reaches record levels, state media urges for action


Unusually straightforward discussions emerged from the Chinese state media in light of the dangerous levels of air pollution, which blanketed Beijing in acrid smog. The media joined forces with internet users and called for a re-evaluation in China’s modernization process – rapid urbanization and industrialization at the cost of the environment. A thick smog shrouded Beijhing and a large part…

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First four legged land animals moved about like seals

Early tetrapod

Researchers who had performed the first high detail 3-D reconstruction of early tetrapod (four-legged animals) backbones claim the first land based animals moved by dragging themselves around the ground much in the same way modern day seals behave. The scientists used the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF) in Grenoble to bombard 360-million year old fossils with high energy X-rays, which enabled them…

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Shark embryos stay still to avoid predators

shark embryo

Sharks are the ultimate predators, comfortably sitting at the very top of the food chain; but even they have their enemies (the biggest one being us, of course), especially when they’re small – nobody fears a small shark. But even in their defenseless period, sharks have managed to find a way to adapt. Australian researchers found that the embryos know…

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2012 – Hottest year in US by far

global warming

We knew that 2012 was the hottest year even before December – the average of the first 11 months was just so big that December could have been much colder than average, and the year would still be really hot. But, as it turns out, December wasn’t colder than usual, and the result was even more severe. Hot stuff “2012…