A sea-snail’s venom could rival opioids in pain relief capability

Its venom is so powerful it can kill pain! Whoa.

A fifth of the world’s food is lost to waste and over-eating

The world grows enough food. The challenge lies in controlling waste and protein distribution.

Your brain tricks you into seeing difficult goals as less appealing

Thanks brain…

Protein levels determine whether you’re a blond or a brunette, study shows

Even the tiniest DNA changes could have a crucial impact on our genome,

New bill could require California to get 100% of its electricity from renewable sources by 2045

The leader of the California Senate just introduced one of the most aggressive renewable energy mandate in the nation. More ambitious action like this, please!

Cyclists in Latvia show just how much space a car occupies on the road

Do you know what’s worse for the environment than driving a car? Driving alone.

Tesla now makes batteries that are 35% cheaper thanks to Gigafactory 1 — breakthrough cost of $125/kWh achieved

At $100/kWh stored wind and power becomes competitive with conventional power.

A starter guide to constellations

You’ll never know what’s written in the stars for you if you can’t read them.

Five charts that will make you grateful for living in 2017

Sometimes the world just seems doomed but if it’s any consolation, there was never a better time to be alive.

These microbots can remove 95% of toxic heavy metals from polluted waters in only an hour

A new solution proposed by researchers in Germany and Spain is so elegant and effective that it might revolutionise water purification.