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Pangolin poaching is driving the species extinct, despite international trade ban

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Scientists find “Angel Particle” — a particle that’s its own antiparticle

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Over one third of all dementia cases could be prevented by actions that begin in childhood

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Plant-like robot can grow 250 times its length, manipulate objects, form complex shapes


How hot is a sauna, and other steamy facts

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Tesla Model 3: All About The Most Anticipated Car Ever

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France’s import of brainpower will likely make it a nexus of climate science

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Don’t like to wake up to your alarm clock? Try this gentle birdsong app from Carnegie Museum

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This shark ate a bit of steel, pushed it out through its skin and then healed back up

Sharks have officially reached Wolverine status. After 400 million years of being an apex predator, you’d expect sharks to have some pretty awesome skills — and they do. But this really took us — and more importantly, scientists — by surprise. It all started when a wild lemon shark (Negaprion brevirostris) ingested a piece of steel, a fish stringer. Scientists

Boiling-acid-proof virus’ outer shell structure could inspire better medication, sturdier buildings

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Porsche announced it wants half of its cars to be electric by 2023

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Here’s where you’d end up if you dug straight through the Earth

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