Darwin was right: females like males who are good listeners

Females (especially younger ones) like good listeners. Write that down, guys.

Monkey business: A group of monkeys in Indonesia will steal your wallet and sell it back to you — for a cracker

The Monkey Mafia is acting up in Indonesia.

Chinese company offers free training for US coal miners to become wind farmers

It’s the disproval of every Trump narrative around renewable energy — it will take our jobs, it’s expensive, China are the bad guys. In fact, renewable energy is so cheap and so efficient that a Chinese company will now train US coal miners in the ways of wind energy, and they’ll do it for free. Carbon County, Wyoming, was named

Lack of sleep makes your brain start eating itself

Yikes! I’m off to bed.

NASA will explore an asteroid worth 10,000 $quadrillion — four years sooner than expected

The scientific value might be just as high.

“A curtain of snakes” — for the first time, researchers find cooperating, hunting snakes

Snakes just got even more impressive.

Latest results from Juno mission reveal massive surprises about Jupiter

Think you know Jupiter? Think again!

L.A. lawns lose 70 billion gallons of water every year. “It was the maximum water loss possible,” said scientist

Talk about waste.

New study shows how Zika might re-emerge and strike the United States

The US is certainly not safe from Zika.

Mouse space sperm could pave a new era of space exploration

Space sperm to the rescue!