AI is designed to create motivational quotes. Things go hilariously awry

This AI seems to have gone insane. Loco!

Study shows Obamacare expanded health insurance, reducing the number of cardiac arrests

Obamacare significantly reduced the incidence of cardiac arrest by 17 percent.

What is the Wilson Cycle, builder and slayer of supercontinents?

There’re two ways you can find out how supercontinents form.
This is the one where you don’t have to wait millions of years.

Though still stronger than humans pound-for-pound, chimps aren’t really ‘superstrong’

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Orbiting supermassive black holes confirmed by astronomers for the time

This is one slow dance.

It’s not just humans — 1 in 3 US pets are also overweight

Just like humans, pets are becoming too overweight — and we need to improve this.

Uranus has a magnetosphere that turns on and off every day

Not all planets are as lucky as Earth.

Llama-like creature Darwin used to call the “strangest animal ever discovered” finally gets a family

“Imagine a camel without a hump, with feet like a slender rhino, and a head shaped like a saiga antelope.”

New finding could help plants survive drastic droughts

With drought on the rise, this finding couldn’t come at a better time.

Animal files: Capybaras— the world’s largest rodents

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