Don’t be rude to your child’s doctor – it will make them perform poorly

Scolding doctors

Shark switches from sexual to asexual reproduction

Shark males might become redundant. Just kidding – but this is really groundbreaking.

When you don’t need sex, like these salamanders, you get lazy. And that’s a problem in the face of climate change

Sex is good for more than just procreation.

Pretty rock found in Croatia points at Neanderthals’ softer, artistic side

*nods geologically*

The world’s richest 8 people have more wealth than the world’s poorest 3,500,000,000

New estimates show that only eight people own more wealth than the world’s poorest 50%.

Mixing people’s names is actually a compliment. It means you care about those persons

It’s perfectly normal to mix the names of loved ones. It’s called a cognitive glitch.

The appendix keeps you healthy and your gut bacteria happy, study finds

Happy gut bacteria are the best bacteria.

How to Create Beautiful Images With Thousands of Circles

Art and science go hand in hand.

For the first time, scientists have calculated the speed at which a viper strikes

It’s not just the predator – the prey plays a big role too.

When someone challenges your political views, your brain treats them as a threat

So maybe don’t talk politics over Sunday dinner.