Cat walks into university lecture, starts acting just like a student

If there’s anything I hated in uni, it’s the morning lectures. The waking up, the trying to pay attention was just too much for more, and I have to admit I spaced out quite a few times. When a cat somehow joined in on a class at the International Islamic University in Malaysia, he felt the same thing. Without much thought,

Here’s why chocolate and red wine give some people migraines

Hint: it’s not the blood pressure.

Atom-by-atom chart of living fossil’s shell could hold the key to understanding past climate

These tiny beings could hold a huge store of data.

An English-speaking teenager woke up from a coma speaking fluent Spanish

It has all the makings of a sci-fi movie.

Wildlife populations expected to plummet 67% by 2020 compared to fifty years ago

‘A wake-up call to marshal efforts to promote the recovery of these populations.’

Why cancer is such a hard nut to crack explained in this infographic

Beating cancer is tough.

Massive dome found on top of the world’s largest active magma store

An enormous dome was found deep in the Andes, on top of a massive magma store.

Humans may have drove cave lions extinct and used their pelts as rugs

‘This will look fabulous in the cave’s wall.’

Genetic study finds AIDS first appeared in the U.S. in 1970, clears the name of ‘Patient 0’

Almost 24 years after his death, the most villainized patient in US history clears his name.

Religious people are worse at math, biology, and physics than non-religious people

Both men and women who believe in God tend to be worse at math, study suggets.