The European Science Open Forum starts today, here’s why you should care

The birthplace of the industrial revolution, Manchester, UK., is abuzz with activity for this year’s European Science Open Forum (ESOF.) This year’s conference will run from the 24th to the 27th of July, and we’ll be right there, to make sure you can see what’s happening. Wait….what’s this all about? The EuroScience Open Forum is a huge event held every

NASA study suggests that one-fifth of global warming missed by historical records

The main cause lies in the lack of available data from the Arctic.

Lichens actually comprise a threesome, not a partnership

The more the merrier.

Scientists quantify human intelligence for first time ever using MRI scans

A particular pattern in the human brain is connected to higher levels of intelligence.

Spider personalities are influenced by temperature

The findings could have implications for the survival of modern animals in the face of global warming.

Large Underground Xenon experiment fails to detect dark matter

Invisible dark matter continues to elude scientists

Unsettling sculpture showcases how humans would look if we evolved to survive car crashes

Kinda looks like an end-boss in an RPG.