Scientists develop tape that adheres to anything and rejects all liquids

They call it a superomniphobic tape.

Hundreds of snow leopards are being killed every year, and that’s unacceptable

One of the most beautiful big cats is dying out — because of us.

Five common biology myths (or “Science in the service of the anthropocentric patriarchy”)

Here are five commonly accepted biological “facts” which are untrue but are used to justify our conception of ourselves and our place in the world.

Interbreeding with Neanderthals gave us some good genes, but also diseases

We’re still finding the fruits of this interspecies love affair.

Watch Tesla’s new completely self-driving cars in action

This is so cool!

Why modern ‘clay tablets’ etched with the world’s knowledge are being buried beneath a salt mine in Austria

We must not be forgotten.

A Russian start-up schools Google and Facebook facial recognition technology

NTechLab is only one year old, but it’s already making headlines and playing with the big boys in the industry.

European lander likely crashes onto Mars

The bad news starts to sink in.

The depressing state of American mental health: 20 percent of the population suffering from mental illness, but only half get treatment

Depressing news.

Tasmanian devils developing resistance to horrendous infectious face cancer

I’d expect nothing less from the Tasmanian devils.