Patient saved from antibiotic-resistant infection with novel bacteriophage treatment.

A dramatic case with a happy ending. Antibiotic resistance is growing and threatens to kill 50 million people by 2050.

Time travel is proven possible — but we’ll likely never be able to build the machine, author says

He named his machine the TARDIS — bonus points for that.

Google is shifting their focus from Search to artificial intelligence, CEO says

There’s a lot of data to be had — and Google wants it.

Despite spending $200 million, NASA still doesn’t have a new space suit and that could delay an important deep space mission

Internal auditors weren’t happy with the way NASA is making new space suits.

Depressed? It might be because your neurons got their branches tangled up

Keep it tidy, neurons.

How science might settle the debate around two famous Munch and da Vinci paintings

Even centuries later, science is able to decrypt some of art’s biggest controversies.

Female dragonflies play dead to fool unwanted suitors

An old trick.

Dairy has been greatly underestimated and is an “excellent” protein source for children, study finds

Pass me that milk!

EU-Funded fake news spotting tool gets better and better

A much needed tool.

Meet the future of construction: MIT prototype 3-D prints entire building

This could revolutionize how we build things both on Earth and other planets.