What exactly is a photon? Definition, properties, facts

Let’s shine some light on the matter.

Why do bird eggs come in so many different shapes ? Look to the wings, biologists say

The best predictor of long or pointy eggs is a bird’s flying ability.

“Bio-energy healing stickers” are a scam. Now, debunked by NASA

NASA called “bullshit.”

Finland basic income trial concludes, participants enjoy lower stress and higher incentive to work

A small UBI trial in Finland has rendered very promising results.

Norway to Brazil: If you keep destroying the Amazon, we’ll cut our $1bn funding

Brazil isn’t respecting its part of the deal.

Schools in Turkey will stop teaching evolution

“We believe that these subjects are beyond their [students] comprehension,” said a senior Turkish bureaucrat at the Education Ministry.

Plant Files: Poison Oak. What it is and why you should stay away from it

Identify it, understand what it does, and why not — respect it.

Moth eyes lead to glare-less phone screens

It’s another fantastic discovery inspired by nature.

The UN expects Earth’s 10 billionth inhabitant sometime in the early 2050s

We are legion!

Lensless camera designed to be paper-thin and do anything a traditional camera does

Except being bulky.