Legalizing marijuana doesn’t encourage consumption among teens

A common concern among the general public, parents especially, is that once a draft calling for legalizing marijuana goes through, this will have as an effect increased consumption among adolescents. A  new study at Rhode Island Hospital which compared 20 years worth of data from states with and without medical marijuana laws found, however, that there […]

Blood from world’s oldest woman tells us why life reaches its limits

No matter how much some would like to avoid this prospect, death is inevitable for all living beings (or is it?). Yet, some people at least live longer than others. A great deal of attention has been drawn to longevity for obvious reasons, but any effort to prolong life needs to start with the very […]

3D printer used to build 10 homes in one day in China

Say what you will, but the Chinese are clearly the fastest builders in the world, though sometimes quick haste makes to waste. A while ago, I wrote about how a Chinese company wants to build the tallest skyscraper in the world in just 90 days. Really crazy stuff, but now another Chinese company, with many […]

Making graphene in a kitchen blender

A team led by Jonathan Coleman at Trinity College Dublin reports they’ve patented a technique that can easily produce large quantities of quality graphene. The method is so simple that the researchers have even been able to scale it down for use in a kitchen blender. The exact ‘recipe’ has yet to be disclosed, but nevertheless […]

Claws of meanest crustacean inspire supermaterial design

As the night covers the tropics, odd clicky sounds run about much to the annoyance of sailors stationed in harbors. These sounds are made by the punching mantis shrimp, a very small crustacean which doesn’t seem that much threatening but who definitely lives up to its name. Its claws are so powerful that it can […]

The 2014 Smithsonian Photo Contest Finalists

Smithsonian has just announced the 60 finalists for their 11th Annual Photo Contest. They selected the 60 photographs out of over 50.000 entries, sent by photographers all over the world. They selected 10 finalists for each of their 6 categories The Natural World, Travel, People, Americana, Altered Images and Mobile – which is a newly added category. Everyone and anyone can vote! You can cast […]

Photographing the oldest living things in the world

Rachel Sussman is a contemporary artist who focuses on photographing the oldest living things in the world. As part of her project “The Oldest Living Things in the World” (creative, I know), she researches and works with biologists, traveling all over the world to take pictures of things older than 2000 years old. Stewart Brand calls her […]

Old tires become material for new and improved roads

Scrap tires, which are very problematic to dispose of and can cause many problems, can now be used to lower road noise and reduce need for road maintenance. Almost 300 million scrap tires are generated every year in the US alone, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). You may wonder what’s exactly happening with these wheels, […]

GeoPicture of the week: Mind blowing Bismuth

This is Bismuth – it is a natural chemical element which chemically resembles arsenic and antimony. Elemental bismuth may occur naturally, but this form does not occur naturally – it was developed in a lab. Still, it’s just mind boggling how beautiful it is!

Condensing towers could make water from thin air in the driest places on Earth

The Namib desert is one of the vastest and driest deserts in the world. There is little water to be found here, so the few critters calling the desert home had to learn to adapt in order to survive. One particular beetle species stands out through the ingenuity with which it manages to quench its […]

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