NASA plans to build robots that explore frozen worlds from metallic glass so they don’t shatter

“Cold enough to shatter robots” is pretty cold in my book.

Russian-launched Progress resupply module crashes on-route to the ISS

Nobody was hurt and no one is starving but it’s never fun when this happens.

Highest-living plant discovered more than 6km above sea level in the Himalayas

Hardy little things too.

Paris, Madrid, Athens, Mexico City to ban all diesels by 2025, mayors announce

Maybe VW shouldn’t have cheated on their emissions tests.

Evolution in a lab flask: scientists witness virus speciating into two distinct species

Real-time evolution, what more proof do you need?

UK scientists inch closer to three-parent babies

We’re living in the future.

British researchers on the hunt for world’s oldest ice

As the Antarctic spring comes to an end and the “summer” enters into force, a team of geoscientists is seeking 1.5-million-year ice.

Flints and bone from at least 300,000 years ago could be the first non-dietary tool use

Digs at one of the most amazing anthropological sites in the world come across something big.

FDA approves final trial before Ecstasy can be prescribed for PTSD

MDMA is no longer ‘just a party drug.’

Scientists find 2.5-billion-year-old fossils of bacteria — there was no oxygen in the atmosphere then

Who needs oxygen when you got … sulfur?