Laziness could save a fish’s life: a case for establishing marine reserves

Evolution causes these fish to move less so they have a better chance of survival.

First deep-sea mining operation scheduled to start in 2019 — here are the bots that will do it

Whether you agree to the idea or not, the bots sure are awesome.

Facial recognition software can diagnose rare genetic disease with 96% accuracy

It’s similar to how Facebook’s facial tracking algorithm works, only much more useful.

Drug reverses aging in mice. The rodents saw increased stamina, better organ function, and restored fur

For humans, the same kind of therapy seems years away.

Peer to your peers for motivation, not your teachers, if you actually want to study

Surprisingly, getting neither isn’t that bad for your results.

Record-breaking silicon solar cell efficiency of 26.6% demonstrated by Japanese researchers, very close to the theoretical limit

We’re getting closer to the ideal silicon solar cell.

Beijing just closed its last coal station — What does this mean for the world’s climate

In 2013, Beijing officials promised that they will close the city’s four coal stations by the end of 2017, and they’ve kept their word.

‘It’s not your fault’: Two-thirds of cancers are due to random genetic mutations, but lifestyle is still very important

Only 29 percent of cancers can be attributed to lifestyle or environmental factors while heritability could explain 5 percent of cancer mutations.

Beautifully preserved fossil reveals a new 430-million-year old crustacean species, gets named in honor of Sir Attenborough’s 90th birthday

Sir Attenborough really liked the name.

What does gestural communication of great apes tell us about human language?

Our language is one of the features that define us as human beings and distance us from all other animals.