Artist creates stunning coral timelapse video, and we can’t stop watching it

Artist NNtonio Rodríguez created a stunning video, capturing the beauty of corals in timelapse. “There are hundreds of timelapse videos of clouds, cities, auroras and milky way with excellent quality, each with a personal touch, but I often convey a sense of ‘déjà vu’.” So he set up to make something different, but the setup wasn’t easy. “The many challenges I was

Stop patting yourself on the back for the Paris Agreement, researchers say

While many officials are celebrating the climate agreement reached in Paris, the world is still massively heating up.

Hydropower: not that clean after all. Study finds reservoirs around the world emit as much CO2 as Canada

A new huge source of carbon emissions has been confirmed by scientists.

First case of Zika transmitted through touch in Utah was a freak occurrence, paper finds

A lot of things worked together to allow infection via casual touch alone.

New wind turbine could harness typhoons and generate enough electricity to power Japan for 50 years

Where most people see a threat, a select few see the opportunity of a lifetime.

Reykjavik switches city lights off for Nothern Lights, and it looks amazing

A sight to behold!

Science explains why some people age faster and die younger regardless of lifestyle

Can we wind the clock back?

Mark Zuckerberg just shared pictures from Facebook’s Data Center, and it’s like a dystopian sci-fi

It’s scary and awesome at the same time.

The surprising reason why birds never crash mid-air: they always veer right

Seems to work wonderfully for them.

China will build the world’s biggest solar farm: 6 million panels amounting to 2GW, stretched over 7,000 city blocks

China does it again.