A muffin a day might keep the doctor away — if you eat this special muffin

Delicious and healthy? Sign me up!

Major study explored the biology of human intelligence and found 40 new genes that play a role

What shall we do with this information?

Ellen Ochoa and Michael Foale join the U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame

The best of the best.

Himalayan Sherpas owe their super-human high-altitude performance to a unique metabolism

Nepalese Sherpas use oxygen more efficiently than puny lowlanders.

Meet Tolley, the single most adorable robot you’ll ever see ever — who’s also a breakthrough

Cute + science = yesplease.

The first hominids might have evolved in Europe, fossil jaw suggests

Emphasis on might.

Creationist geologist to sue Grand Canyon because he’s not allowed to collect samples

It’s a lose-lose situation for the Grand Canyon Park.

Loss of a mate causes birds to make new social connections and strengthen the ones that they already have

Birds of a feather flock together.

Grilling or microwaving mushrooms best preserves their nutritional properties

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These tiny birds’ hopping could teach robots how to navigate rough environments

Hoppity hop.