For the first time, scientists have calculated the speed at which a viper strikes

The antagonistic relationship between predator and prey has been a main driver of evolution for hundreds of millions of years. As a result, some animals have developed extreme adaptive mechanisms (think of the chameleon’s tongue or the cheetah sprinting). Now, researchers studying the rattlesnake-kangaroo rat system have shown how this evolutionary arms race has shaped the two creatures. It’s surprising,

When someone challenges your political views, your brain treats them as a threat

So maybe don’t talk politics over Sunday dinner.

Who invented the flushing toilet?

A historical account of one of mankind’s most important inventions.

Elusive ruby dragon seen alive in the wild for the first time

There’s a hidden biodiversity in the sea.

World’s first floating city might be built off the French Polynesian coast

It was supposed to be in the middle of the ocean but costs moved the project in territorial waters.

Heavy video gaming in teens could point to depression, if it’s always playing alone

Sometimes a game is just a game. Sometimes it’s a way to cope.

New NASA phone app is basically ‘Plant Sims in Space’

Take a trip on the ISS and grow some plants.

The world lost 7% of its prestine forests since 2000

Some countries might lose all their virgin forests in the next 20 years.

Study finds correlation between eating hot peppers and longer lifespan

Like spicy foods? There’s a good chance you might get to live longer.

Most ants don’t do much, and that makes the colony more efficient

Maybe it’s time for a vacation.