At least it’s not all bad news: global warming is making plants use water more efficiently

Australian researchers from CSIRO found land-based plants are absorbing 17% more CO2 than they did 30 years ago.

A man’s sweet tooth can increase the risk of anxiety and depression

Bad news, everyone.

Scientists take a deep look inside mysterious 580-million-year-old creatures

We don’t even know if they were plants or animals.

World’s first blue chrysanthemums are lab-engineered but look really pretty

More like GMawwww’s.

Scientists edit the first human embryos in the United States

It’s further than anyone has ever gone with gene editing in the United States.

Plant roots grow much like subway systems. Or is it the other way around?

What do a tomato plant and the NY subway system have in common? A lot more than you’d think.

A lost race of hominids left their legacy in the saliva of Sub-Saharan populations

Unlikely discoveries hide in unlikely places.

Power lines over Lake Pontchartrain elegantly demonstrate the curvature of Earth

Set, Game, and Match, flat-earthers!

Neolithic cattle farmers were much more specialized than you’d think

They weren’t simple savages.

Why do bachelors exist in the animal world?

Those majestic lions, with a harem of females? They’re just compensating for something.

Your family history might say a lot about your health history

Your family history might tell a lot about your own health.

Neuropathologist examines brains of 111 N.F.L. players, finds 99% had degenerative disease linked to repeated blows to the head

This is something every football players should be aware of.

World’s first smiley face found, painted 3,700 years ago on a jug in Turkey


Moon’s mantle contains lots of water suggesting its interior is wet, study finds

The findings have big implications for future missions to the moon.

The United States slides towards measles epidemics (again) because people don’t vaccinate

Non-medical exemptions and widespread misinformation are to blame.

Western males have lost nearly 60% of their sperm count since the 1970s

Exposure to new man-made chemicals might be to blame.

Toyota to start selling long-range electric car by 2022

The automaker is teasing us with news of solid-state batteries that charge in minutes.

Greenland is getting darker, increasing fears about global warming and sea level rise

It’s a feedback loop on steroids.

The Grand Finale: NASA plans to see Cassini off with a trail of fire as it crashes into Saturn

The Cassini spacecraft will get a burial place fit for such a long-trekked explorer: Saturn.

US Senate says White House’s proposed DOE budget cuts are “short-sighted,” increases funding instead