Ontario, Canada, to start piloting basic income project

Out of all the ideas to end global poverty, the simplest seems to also be more effective: governments just handing out money to people.

Trump’s border wall could threaten 111 endangered species

The impact is huge. Even the bald eagle is affected.

Tomorrow, NASA will announce major “discovery beyond the solar system” during press conference

It’s press only, but NASA made sure everyone can follow the talks and even get a question in.

NASA satellite spots mile-long iceberg breaking off from Antarctic glacier

NASA’s satellites witnessed the dramatic breaking of the iceberg.

Bizarre life forms found living in Mexican crystals

Geologists have made a shocking discovery in a crystal-rich cave in Mexico.

Your past teenage self might as well be a whole different person by the time you’re 77 years old, study says

With each passing day we diverge slightly from the person we were just a moment ago.

New study could topple our beliefs about the origins of handedness

We all have our preferred hand — but why?

Landsat satellite spots sunken shipwrecks in coastal waters

An estimated 3 million shipwrecks are scattered across the planet’s oceans.

Resource scarcity drove prehistoric violence in California more than 1,500 years ago

Resource scarcity was the only thing that predicted systematic homicide, not political organization.

Dystopia today: Official German watchdog tells parents a doll might be spying on their children

Technology is evolving faster than we can adapt to it.