Beijing shuts down its last coal power plant, replaces with natural gas

A step in the right direction.

Medical breakthrough: first patient cured of a rare and painful blood disorder called CDA

Fewer than 1,000 cases are reported worldwide. Now, a breakthrough procedure offers hope to these patients who have to undergo blood transfusions every couple of weeks.

Intellectual humility might just be the most underrated personality trait

How likely are YOU to change your beliefs based on facts?

If stem cells don’t grow as you want them to, just add a dash of parsley-husk scaffolding

To be fair it works with other plants too, but I was shooting for a culinary title.

Why water drops splash: a non-trivial mystery explained

Droplets exhibit natural beauty and conceal complex physics that scientists have been trying to figure out for decades

Tree-on-a-chip mimics passive pumping mechanism found in plants and trees

MIT found an elegant solution to a complex problem.

Curiosity’s wheel grousers show damage after five years of off-roading on Mars


Landslide spotted on comet for the first time using Rosetta’s images

Comets are far more geologically active than we thought.

German Universities ready to give up subscription to Elsevier

When you put a paywall on science, no one wins.

Insect courtship behavior trapped in 100-million-year-old amber

It’s Romeo and Juliet on steroids, with geology.