Women’s brains look years younger than those of men

The findings may explain why women live longer and stay more mentally sharp at old age than men.

When it comes to influenza — Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus

Flu vaccine seems more effective in women; men recover faster from the flu.

Income inequality, not gender inequality, leads to female sexualization on social media

Sorry — no sexy selfies here, just science.

Women ask for raises just as much as men do — but they just don’t get them

Things are still murky when it comes to the gender pay gap.

It’s official: College men think they’re smarter than they really are

Meanwhile, women are crippled with doubt.

International Women’s Day: Ten Women in Science Who Aren’t Marie Curie

Celebrating the work of female scientists.

Women who regularly use cleaning supplies risk lung damage, study shows

There were no significant differences in the decline of lung function between men who worked in the cleaning business and non-cleaning men.

More gender equal countries have fewer women in STEM, paradoxically

A new paper tries to explain this discrepancy.

Empowering women around the world could help usher in a sustainable society, paper argues

Help them help us.

Women really are better multi-taskers, study finds

I can’t even walk and text without hitting lamp posts.

Training men how to read women might help curb sexually aggressive behaviour

There might be a way to help alpha males understand when women are interested.

Women scientists with feminine traits less likely to be judged as scientists

Can a woman without a lab coat still be a scientist?

Women who feel vulnerable prefer physically dominant men

In neighborhoods with high crime rates, past research showed that women who perceive they are at risk will generally be attracted to physically formidable and dominant mates (PPFDM). Yes, I know, it’s a hilarious classification. But while this finding isn’t all that surprising, there’s a new research by a team at University of Leicester, UK which suggests this is true even when there isn’t much or any risk of physical confrontation at all. In other words, women who feel vulnerable or victimized no matter the circumstances will find comfort in dating PPFDM (now you have a new shorthand to call your meatier friends; enjoy!).

Menopause appeared by accident, evolved due to stay-at-home males

When you think about it from a biological point of view….Menopause doesn’t make that much sense, does it?

How women subconsciously fight sexual competition

A new paper published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology examines women’s efforts to guard their mates from sexual competition — especially other ovulating females.

Men ate almost twice as much when they dined with women

We all know that men like to impress the fairer members of our species, and this permeates into almost everything we do: we want to drive the shiniest car on the block, crack the funniest jokes 24/7 and write for ZMEScience so we can impress the ladies at parties. In essence, no matter how unlikely it is to actually impress, if a man has a choice between doing something and doing that something over the top so he can show off to women, you can bet your right arm he’s gonna do the latter.

Study finds most women are gay or bisexual — a personal take

The study recorded the biological responses (a fancy wording for arousal) of a sample of 345 women who watched videos of nude males and females. And the data is quite surprising: 82% of participants responded sexually to both men and women.

Russia wants to fight gender inequality by hilariously planning an all-female mission to the moon

Russia is locking up six women together to simulate a trip to the moon and back. But no one is taking this too seriously, it seems.

Men and women feel pain differently, on a biological level

A breakthrough research found that male and female mice use different cells to signal pain. This could explain why both more women suffer from chronic pain than men, and pain relief medication seems to respond differently in women.

Sexism and racism in STEM: women scientists of color mistaken for janitors

A new report highlights the reprehensible state of women working in STEM fields—science, technology, engineering, and mathematics— where they’re not only under represented, but also under constant pressure to over perform. The report also stresses how sexism and racism is “still a thing” in labs, universities and technology companies. In fact, there’s seems to be an entrenched thinking that women