Apparently, scientists have finally found the answer (or, at least part of it) to the QUESTION: what is it that makes women cheat on their partners? Before starting to call names if it has already happened to you, find out that it’s not a more expensive car or a bigger account, but something else: a high level of hormones.

Doctoral candidate Kristina Durante and Assistant Professor of Psychology Norm Li from The University of Texas at Austin discovered that having too much of the sex hormone called oestradiol can determine a woman to become infidel.

The researchers found a connection between the hormone, which is related to fertility, and sexual motivation after studying women aged between 17 and 30 who were not using contraception.

The subjects’ level of oestradiol was measured two times during their ovulatory cycle, while they were asked to say how physically attractive they thought they were, being asked about their likelihood to cheat on a partner too. Independent observers were also asked to rate the women’s attractiveness.

It was discovered that the participants with the highest level of oestradiol considered themselves the most attractive, also claiming to have a higher tendency towards flirting, kissing or having a serious relationship with another man (however, not towards a one-night stand). Oestradiol levels are also associated with a feeling of dissatisfaction with one’s primary relationship.

This shows that women who are very fertile are hardly satisfied by a long-term partner and are more likely to search for another one, who is more desirable. This is not related to engaging into casual sex tough. These women are more likely to choose serial monogamy.

It seems that physiological mechanisms are still highly important for a woman, influencing both her partner choices and behavior. So that sports car may not help, after all!

source: The University of Texas