Mouse Mazes and Cutting Edge Science: A Discussion with Harvard’s Shuhan He

A winding discussion about neuroscience, technology, and mouse mazes.

Renewable flip flops: scientists produce the “No. 1” footwear in the world from algae

Walk a mile in these shoes.

Divers solve 93-year-old mystery by discovering shipwreck at the bottom of Lake Huron

It went under in 1924, claiming the lives of 25 crewmembers.

Newly developed surgical glue seals wounds in 60 seconds

It could save countless lives.

Smartphone AI spots sick plants with remarkable accuracy

In a new advancement, scientists developed an algorithm that can identify sick plants based on sight alone.

Why we can’t remember things before age 3-4

Ever tried really hard to pinpoint your very first memory? Doctors say it has something to do with hippocampus overload.

That study about larvae eating plastic is full of holes

More research needs to be done.

Ugly Unicorn: Metal-tipped prehistoric ant drank the blood of its victims for dinner

Stabby stabby!

Popular voice assistants like Siri or Alexa easily hacked with ultrasonic commands

A rather glaring design flaw was recently discovered.

New water-based lithium-ion battery will never explode in your face

Someone send Samsung the memo.

Too much innovation wrecks weak economies, too much competition paralyzes strong ones, paper reports

Moderation is key.

Birmingham design student crafts cool, fully recyclable furniture — from cow dung

You could say she… manurefactures them.

Chinese scientists create supercapacitors from fallen autumn leaves

From fallen leaves to hi-tech electronics.

Higher temperature and more CO2 is good for trees, but overall climate change will damage forests

It could start a self-reinforcing loop.

Scientists combine spider silk with graphene, create incredibly powerful web

The best part? The spiders themselves produce it.

Trying to resist a yawn makes you more likely to yawn — because your motor cortex is wired that way

It’s ridiculous how many times I’ve yawned writing this.

MIT designs robot to be a good pedestrian and not bump into you on the sidewalk

It’s had hours upon hours of simulation training to learn the basics.

A pair of puppies can run and play after been treated for their spina bifida

It could be a cure for humans too!

Researchers design carbon yarn that generates energy from motion or waste heat

I guess we can all be current benders now!

Google researchers are able to perfectly and simply remove watermarks from photographs

They used their power for good, not evil.