A grape variety used to produce wine today can be traced back 900 years to an ancestral plant

Who doesn’t love a glass of wine?

Whatever your drinking strategy is, you’ll get equally hungover

If you want to avoid hangovers, simply look for red flags, researchers say.

Steam Power Might Help in Space Exploration

NASA is funding a steam-powered spacecraft.

Every extra drink could shorten your lifespan by 30 minutes

That’s over a limit of four to five glasses of wine per week.

Low levels of alcohol are good for the brain

This isn’t meant to advocate drinking, but…

Climate change might be threatening our wines

By the year 2050, we could see a 23% shrinkage in the land suitable for growing grapes.

From Red to White: The main types of wine, with their delicious differences

It’s deliciously interesting.

Eco-friendly wines really do taste better, scientists find

Let’s toast to eco-friendly grapes!

Synthetic wine can mimic classic vintages, for a fraction of the time and price

Ava Winery, a start-up based in San Francisco, wants to let you enjoy the best of wines for a fraction of their current cost. To this end, they’ll bypass the costly growing and fermentation processes; in fact, they won’t use grapes at all. Their wines will be synthetically produced, by combining aromatic compounds with ethanol.

Climate change is impacting wine grape harvest dates in Switzerland and France, NASA finds

A new collaboration study between NASA and Harvard University found that climate change is breaking an important link between droughts and the grape harvests in France and Switzerland.

Light-moderate drinking is good for your heart

Beer, liquor and wine lovers – rejoice!

The Pythagorean cup – the vessel that spills its content if you’re too greedy

A clever and entertaining vessel designed by Pythagoras himself to hold an optimal amount of wine, forcing people to imbibe only in moderation – a virtue of great regard. If the user was too greedy and poured wine over the limit, the cup would spill its entire content.

Why taking a bath in wine is idiotic and wasteful

I shouldn’t have to write this – taking a bath in wine should intuitively seem like a very bad idea; at the very least, it’s wasteful, and doesn’t really help you. So why would you do it? Well, apparently… because it’s “cool”. Drinking a glass of wine from time to time is quite healthy – it reduces the risk of

Tracing the French wine – to Italy

The French didn’t invent wine, no more than Colombians invented coffee or the Italians discovered tomatoes. But… who did? What is the actual homeland of this wonderful drink? After analyzing some limestone residue, archaeologists working at University of Pennsylvania claims to have found the earliest evidence of European winemaking. The 2,400-year-old stone is apparently a a pressing platform with a

Why you shouldn’t choose wine based on what critics voice, study backs-up

What are the differences between a bottle of premium, high rated Pinot Noir and a shelf classic Merlot? Well, besides a lot of money, wine critics would be quick to detail all the subtle differences that come together in an amalgam of sensations, and consequently make the premium look like a divine gift from Dyonisis himself. For the rest of

Creating anticancer beer

Every once in a while you hear about such a good idea that you just know it deserves a prize. Such is the idea of a few students from Rice University, who are taking drinking beer to a whole new level; the genetically engineering level. They are entering it in the International Genetically Engineered Machine (iGEM) competition Nov. 8-9 in