Ancient monoliths like Stonehenge may have spread from northwestern France about 7,000 years ago

There are actually tens of thousands of Stonehenge-like structures throughout Europe.

Stonehenge people may have originated from the same place as the stones themselves

New research sheds new insight into the enigmatic lives of Stonehenge people.

Stonehenge was actually the core of a huge spiritual centre

We tend to think of the Stonehenge as a lone giant, huge blocks of rock towering over the quiet British landscape. But as a new study has revealed, Stonehenge was likely a diverse and vibrant place, a complex of different religious and cultural settings.   Painting Stonehenge in New Light Using geophysical techniques (mostly Ground Penetrating Radar – GPR –

Stonehenge may have once been a complete circle

Stonehenge is one of Britain’s greatest national treasure, but while magic, myth and mystery surrounding the monumental site has been time and time again dispelled by science, there is still much to learn. One major debate regarding Stonehenge is whether or not the site once formed a complete circle. Now, a short hosepipe and a scientist’s keen eye might settle

Stonehenge was built on solstice axis, dig confirms

Excavations conducted by the English Heritage have shown that Stonehenge has nothing to do with Sun worsipping and that the circle we see today was once complete. According to them, they discovered an important piece of the jigsaw puzzle in understanding Stonehenge – Englands greatest prehistoric site, and one of the most significant in the world. Excavations along the ancient

Stonehenge may have been burial site for stone age elite

The mystery surrounding Stonehenge is still actual, puzzling archaeologists for decades; how was it built, why there, and most interesting, what purpose does it serve? Now, after dating some bone fragments of men, women and children, a team of researchers believe they have the answer. Centuries before the imposing monument was raised, the site started its life as a burial

Stonehenge’s oldest monoliths origin traced back by geologists

The Stonehenge site, 5,000 years old (new discoveries place it far back in history), still remains of the world’s greatest archeological mysteries. One of its biggest question marks revolves around its conception. It’s fairly understood why it was build, as a site of sun worshiping, but how it was actually built remains unknown, considering these slabs of stone weigh around

New discovery reveals Stonehenge secret

In a remarkable find, archeologists have uncovered two ancient pits, perfectly aligned with the sun’s natural summer cycle. These suggest that the Stonehenge site was a place for sun worship at least 500 years before the first stone was erected. Archaeologists¬†¬†from the universities of Birmingham, Bradford¬† and Vienna were involved in an on-going survey work around Stonehenge, where they scanned

Swedish explorers stumble across the Millennium Falcon beneath the sea?

Well, I guess Han Solo should be more careful where he parks his spaceship from now, since Swedish treasure hunters just recently found an unidentified object beneath the Baltic seas which portrays an uncanny resemblance to Star Wars’ most iconic of spaceships. The whole find occured while the Ocean Explorer team, led by researcher Peter Lindberg, were looking for cases

Stonehenge-like Structure Found Under Lake Michigan

While scanning underneath the waters of Lake Michigan for shipwrecks, archeologists found something a lot more interesting than they bargained for.