Roll-out solar panels that unfurl like a carpet electrify tiny British island

The system can fit 10 times as much power output than traditional panels in a given container.

India starts rolling out solar trains that might save millions of gallons of diesel

India’s getting serious about their green revolution, and they’re taking it step by step.

Tesla presents a new sleek line of exclusive solar panels built by Panasonic

The American company is looking to position itself as a sustainable energy power house.

Why India might become the biggest market in the world for solar energy

India wants 100GW of solar and wind to come online by 2022.

There are now twice as many solar jobs as coal jobs in the US

Regardless of what one fossil-fuel-lover president may do, renewable energy is thriving in the US.

Solar energy in the United States had its best quarter ever. Can it keep it up, though?

It’s been a wonderful year for solar in the U.S.

Why renewable energy is getting cheaper all the time

The challenges of transitioning to a renewable electricity sector are no doubt great, but it sure helps that it’s cheap!

Chile just signed the cheapest unsubsidized power in the world at ¢2.91/kWh.

There are absolutely no subsidies which means this is the cheapest power plant in the world.

Solar energy now cheaper than fossil fuels even without subsidies

You can only postpone the inevitable.

The one-millionth solar system was installed in the United States

In April, the United States hit an important milestone in the quest for full renewable energy transition after the one-millionth solar system was installed.

Energy storage hardware cost to drop 41% by 2020, further accelerating clean tech

A GreenTechMedia analysis forecasts that energy storage systems, like large density batteries, will become a lot cheaper in the coming years. According to the report, the cost of installing an energy storage system will drop by some 41% by 2020. Energy storage is tightly linked with renewable energy generation, driving a lower cost overall for clean energy.

70% of Mongolian nomads now have solar power

In many the vast steppes of Mongolia, some things have remained unchanged for centuries. But some things have changed, and big time: according to a new report, almost 3 out of 4 Mongolian nomads are now using solar power. Even if your lifestyle is pretty much Medieval, you can still benefit from advanced technology – that’s the reasoning behind a new

US solar power is growing fast and set for new record in 2015

On an explosive growth trajectory, the total operational solar photovoltaic capacity in the US just passed the 20 GW milestone after 1,393 megawatts of PV were installed last quarter.

World’s Largest Solar Thermal Energy Plant Opens in California

Two years ago, we were telling you about plans for developing the world’s largest solar thermal energy plant in California – a project in which Google invested $168 million. Now, the much anticipated Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System has finally kicked off! The 14 square km facility (3500 acres) which is backed not only by Google, but also by NRG

Princeton nanomesh greatly increases the efficiency of organic solar cells

While we all have to recognize the huge potential that solar energy brings us, we also have to say that sadly, so far, we’re not very effective at harnessing this energy. The best modern silicon and indium-tin-oxide-based solar cells are approaching the theoretical limit of 33.7% efficiency. A big breakthrough The team led by Stephen Chou made two dramatic improvements:

Nanoparticle-tech converts solar energy into steam with extreme efficiency

While current solar energy conversion technology is preoccupied with generating electricity with as much efficiency as possible, researchers at Rice University have invented a new technological set-up consisting of nanoparticles smaller than the the wavelength of light that can transform solar energy into steam almost instantly. Their findings show a registered efficiency of 24%, while current solar panel standards range at

Eco Basics: Benefits From Installing Home Solar Panels

Installing solar panels at your home or business give you many benefits. These benefits range from feeling better about your impact on the environment to monetary ones. Combined with the fact that solar technology is falling in price, these benefits could be very tempting to those looking reduce costs and do more for the planet. Helping the Environment Solar energy

Germany cuts solar energy feed-in tariff by 50% in 8 years

Here’s how renewable energy can be proliferated easily trough out the world, the developed one at least – scale it and make it cheap for the user. At least this is what Germany did and it’s working incredibly well for them. The country just recently announced that feed-in tariffs for solar energy will be 15% cheaper than those in 2011. Since

Arnold Schwarzenegger backs up solar panels

It gives me great pleasure to see some points of view the governor of California has; here’s what he had to say about solar panels, simple and short: “Asking whether large solar power plants are appropriate in the Mojave desert is like wondering whether subways make sense in New York City.” This is hands down one of the best statements

How much area would be required to power the world (with solar panels alone)

I came across this particular pic which really made me think. I don’t know if they did the math right, but if they did, with a surface as big as the plastic island floating around in the Pacific covered with solar panels, the whole world could be powered. If we consider other sources of clean energy (hydro plants for example),