What you need to know about nicotine withdrawal and the pains of quitting smoking

Quitting smoking is the best thing you can do for your health and vitality — but it’s sure not easy.

Fathers-to-be who smoke can harm babies

Men who smoke around pregnant women can cause congenital heart defects in their offspring. 

Benefits of quitting smoking offset weight gain in people with diabetes

Gaining a couple extra pounds is still less harmful than smoking itself for people with diabetes.

Nicotine works inside our neurons to reinforce addiction

So, you know. Don’t smoke.

Lab-tailored enzyme shows promise as a new and powerful treatment against tobacco addiction

Science to the rescue.

What big tobacco companies don’t want you to know about smuggling

The scale of this conspiracy is shocking.

Newly-devised molecule might help people quit smoking by blocking nicotine break-down

An… unusual take on the issue, to say the least. But in theory, it should work.

Daily e-cigarette usage doubles risk of heart attack

Researchers recommend people quit both smoking and vaping.

A million French smokers quit in 2017 thanks to anti-smoking campaigns

Anti-smoking measures really work.

Quitting smoking is very good for you. Cutting back, not so much

Even a single cigarette can be very bad for you.

Alcohol and tobacco, not illegal drugs, are the biggest threat to human health

Put that cigarette down, and forget that extra beer.

Study: medication alone won’t help you quit smoking

Bad news — there’s no easy way out of smoking, but you should still try.

The health risks of second-hand marijuana smoke shouldn’t be ignored

Marijuana smoke is still smoke — and it might clog arteries just as bad as tobacco.

Even a single cigarette a day can be devastating for your health

Even one cigarette a day is still one too many.

Almost 2 out of 3 people who try smoking develop a daily habit

A global study suggests that 69% of the people who tried smoking became daily smokers, even if temporary.

Exercising improves nicotine withdrawal symptoms, helps to quit smoking

If you want to quit smoking, you should definitely try physical exercise more.

Heat-not-burn tobacco is not as bad as cigarettes, but still poses risks

The results aren’t clear-cut.

The WHO calls for governments to boycott anti-smoking Foundation funded by big tobacco

Sometimes I feel a burning need to spell ‘conflict of interest’ in capital letters. This is one of those times.

Increasing the price of US cigarettes by just one dollar per pack would lead to one million people kicking the habit

A small increase to bring about huge change.

Undergoing a lung CT scan can help people quit smoking — regardless of results

Having problems quitting smoking? A CT scan might help you.