The health risks of second-hand marijuana smoke shouldn’t be ignored

Marijuana smoke is still smoke — and it might clog arteries just as bad as tobacco.

Even a single cigarette a day can be devastating for your health

Even one cigarette a day is still one too many.

Almost 2 out of 3 people who try smoking develop a daily habit

A global study suggests that 69% of the people who tried smoking became daily smokers, even if temporary.

Exercising improves nicotine withdrawal symptoms, helps to quit smoking

If you want to quit smoking, you should definitely try physical exercise more.

Heat-not-burn tobacco is not as bad as cigarettes, but still poses risks

The results aren’t clear-cut.

The WHO calls for governments to boycott anti-smoking Foundation funded by big tobacco

Sometimes I feel a burning need to spell ‘conflict of interest’ in capital letters. This is one of those times.

Increasing the price of US cigarettes by just one dollar per pack would lead to one million people kicking the habit

A small increase to bring about huge change.

Undergoing a lung CT scan can help people quit smoking — regardless of results

Having problems quitting smoking? A CT scan might help you.

Scientists map out the bits of DNA damaged by smoking

The method can be used for any type of damage where the cell has to replace bits of DNA.

Washington researchers want you to smoke pot — for science

For science!

Researchers identify main factors of home indoor air pollution: marijuana surprisingly plays a big role

Hint: it’s smoking in.

Using e-charcoal to heat hookah pipes might kill eight times more lung cells than traditional charcoal

Smoking tobacco with hookah pipes is not harmless at all, despite what you might have heard.

Vaping might be a gateway to smoking tobacco for teenagers

Vape — not so safe.

Russia plans to ban all tobacco sales in 2033

No smoking here. Only vodka.

Swedish anti-smoking ad coughs when a smoker passes by

Quitting smoking is one of the most popular New Years resolutions, but how many actually keep it?

Chain-smoking robot lights up 12 cigarettes like a gatling gun for science

The real-life Bender could be a life saver.

Smoking damages DNA, altering more than 7,000 genes

Smoking is bad for your health, and that includes genes too.

Smokers who were lied that their cigarettes had zero nicotine also had their brains tricked

It’s amazing how deception can fool even one of the strongest physical addictions.

Cannabis use in pregnancy linked to low birthweight and intensive care

Just don’t do it.

Smokers find a job harder and earn less, study suggests

In Europe and the United States, an increasing number of employers have adopted a smoke-free policy and may not hire people who smoke. This is because of the negative perception of smoking. Stanford researchers wanted to quantify just how large the economic burden of tobacco use is on the labour market. Their analysis suggests that nonsmokers are twice as likely to get hired than smokers. Tobacco users also earn $5 less per hour on average than nonsmokers.