Unpleasant smells make for more powerful memories, a new study finds

Breathe in deep!

Heavy coffee drinkers can smell its aroma much easier than other people — and it seems tied to craving

Mmmm, good bean juice make brain go fast.

Researchers say there are smell receptors on your tongue

You know how we recognize that something smells like strawberries, even though strawberries themselves don’t have a smell?

Scientists draw inspiration from nature to develop cheese-smelling electronic nose

Scientists went to the zoo to develop better electronic noses.

Fish are losing their sense of smell because of acidic oceans

Without proper olfaction, fish are less able to find food or avoid predators.

Malaria makes its hosts smell better to draw more mosquitoes, research finds

Sneaky, sneaky plasmodium.

Dogs create a mental image of what they’re sniffing for

Pupper power!

Your reaction to smells could say a lot about your political preference, a new study suggests

Easily disgusted? Well… that might say about your ideology.

Waving away mosquitoes teaches them to stop bothering prey

Mosquitoes learned to associate smells with vibrations mimicking human hand movements produced by “the vortexer” machine.

Smelling your partner’s shirt will reduce stress, but a stranger’s will wind you up more

Smell seems to be the easiest way to hack a brain.

Bed bugs love your dirty laundry, and this has helped them travel the globe

Human laundry is a magnet for bed bugs.

Our sense of smell is just as good as rodents’ or dogs’

Poor human olfaction is a 19th-century myth, says scientist.

Music for the nose: an olfactory organ

A”smell organ” shoots scents instead of musical notes to dazzle an audience.

Ants can tell who’s who using their crazy sense of smell

Maybe the most amazing of social insects, ants use complex cues of pheromones to determine to which cast in the colony each individual ant belongs to. A team at University of California at Riverside found ants do this by sniffing out hydrocarbon chemicals present on their cuticles (outer shell). These cues are extremely subtle, but the ants can sense them with great sensitivity due to the way they’re hardwired. It’s enough to notice that ants have more olfactory receptor proteins in their genome than we humans have. Amazing!

Comets stink: space probe finds odor of urine, rotten eggs and alcohol

Ever wondered how a comet smells? Well even if you could, you might wish you hadn’t: rotten eggs, horse pee, alcohol and bitter almonds are just a couple of the fragrances you could sniff. A smelly comet These volatile compounds were detected by  a mass spectrometer aboard the Rosetta probe which is currently studying the Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko. The mass spectrometer analyzed the

The human nose can distinguish over a trillion scents

There’s a common number thrown around for how many scents a human can smell – 10,000. Even scientific literature has cited this figure, though it is highly debatable. This makes a lot of people believe that they have an extremely poor sense of smell compared to most animals, like familiar canines. In reality, it seems humans may be able to

Why winter smells different

People living in areas with distinct seasons will often say — “smells like winter outside”. It’s that distinct odor in the air, which most of us can’t quite grasp and describe into words. What makes winter smell the way it does, though? What differentiates it from other seasons, say summer, isn’t some new kind of smell in the atmosphere that

The uniqueness of smell: no two people smell the same

Just like taste, it’s really common for people not to agree on how pleasant or fowl a scent may be. You might find the meal you just cooked to have a pleasant odor or you might have bought a perfume you thought smelled divine, only for some other person to disagree and express a distaste. Apparently, according to researchers at

Moles smell in stereo to navigate for food

Stereo sensing is a highly important skill that most animals possess that creates a directional perspective. Not all senses are stereo, however, in some animals. For instance, humans have stereo vision and hearing, however no stereo smell – the latter being a trait that not too many animals possess. The common mole has been found to display such an ability,

White smell: the neutral fragrance discovered by scientists

You’ve heard about white color and white noise, but know there’s a new neutral signal that balances the senses, the sens of smell to be more exact – white smell! Scientists at the Weizmann Institute have shown that white odor indeed exists, although it can’t be found in nature, after they created a mixture of various pure scents to convey the