MIT designs robot to be a good pedestrian and not bump into you on the sidewalk

It’s had hours upon hours of simulation training to learn the basics.

Vikings might have actually used sunstones to navigate

The legends might have been true after all.

Pigeon Bermuda triangle explained

Birds may not be the smartest bunch out there, but man do they know how to navigate! Pigeons can get around towns and even ┬ácontinents with stunning accuracy – except for a particular spot in New York. Whenever homing pigeons were launched from that particular spot, they would always get lost. They could easily go from Europe to Asia and

Sensing technology destined for robots adapted to help the blind navigate

One of the most sophisticated parts of a robot is its navigation system, why requires precise sensing and processing of the information, if an anthropomorphic robot is to walk around a house safely or a rover trek through the rocky wastelands of Mars, for instance. Billions have been dedicated to this field, and naturally technological advances derived from research has

Humpack whales flawless natural navigation studied

A recently published study 8 years in the making reveals the uncanny ability humpback whales have of following seemingly perfect straight paths for weeks at a time. The navigational precision of humpback whales cannot be explained by known theories. Humpback whales feed during the summer near polar oceans and migrate to warm tropical oceans for the winter, where they mate

The world may be too dependent on GPS, report says

Besides their evident telecommunications value, satellites also pose enormous benefits when synchronization and navigation are concerned, available and more and more used to the common public through GNSS (global navigation satellite system) or the US based GPS (global positioning system). However, a report published by the Royal Academy of Engineering in the UK warns that the nation has become overly