Bedtime protein shakes might lead to more muscle gain than daytime protein without adding fat or harming sleep

Bedtime protein shakes seem to be leading to better gains than daytime intake.

Study proves muscle memory happens on a genetic level

Sometimes, it’s like the body is acting without you.

Scientists grow functioning human muscles from skin cells

The new method doesn’t rely on donor muscle tissue unlike previous methods.

Prehistoric women had strong, bulky arms — more powerful than today’s athletes

Think you’re buffed today? Well, I’ve got some news for you…

Muscle-like fabric could turn regular clothes into ‘Superman suits’

The fibers could be woven in clothes so those who have disabilities can enhance their mobility.

Bendy artificial muscle is made of pure nylon, still stronger than you

Even nylon is getting ripped and I still won’t hit the gym.

Popeye gene mutations linked to heart and muscle conditions

Scientists from the University of Ferrara, Italy collaborating with the Beijing Genomics Institute have isolated a gene that, when mutated, causes muscle tissue to become significantly weakened and damaged. Their findings, published in The Journal of Clinical Investigation, show how the gene, dubbed Popeye domain containing-1, has a role in ‘gluing’ muscles cells together.

Scientists make muscles out of gold plated onions

When it comes to artificial muscles, researchers at from National Taiwan University really know their onions. The team applied an uncanny design in which they layered gold atop the treated skin of onions. Once an electrical current was discharged, the “onion muscle” contracted and bent, just like the real thing. There’s a whole slew of possible applications for artificial muscles, from so-called “soft robotics” (flesh-like droids), to of course helping injured humans.

Gel contracts like muscle and stores light energy

Researchers at the Université de Strasbourg made a polymer gel that is able to contract similar to how a muscle concentrates motor proteins to elicit motion. The contraction occurs under the influence of light, but besides contraction, the gel also stores some of the absorbed light.

Most advanced lab-grown muscle can self-heal, mouse implant shows

Heralded as one of the biggest advances in the field, scientists at Duke University have engineered muscle tissue that is up to ten times stronger than anything previously achieved. The muscle can contract similarly to native neonatal skeleton muscle and, most importantly, it demonstrates self-healing ability – again, just like the real thing. To demonstrate their work, the researchers also

Synthetic muscle made from nylon is 100 times stronger than human muscle

Sometimes, I come across stories or various research that make me wonder “why the heck hasn’t anyone else thought of this before?” We should be grateful, nevertheless, that researchers from University of Texas at Dallas have found a way to manufacture artificial muscle that is up to 100 times stronger than the flimsy tissue that makes up the human biceps.

Why men have bigger noses than women

Men have noses 10 cm longer than women (on average), even with the same body size This happens because men have more muscle tissue, which needs an extra oxygen intake This change starts happening during puberty Human noses come in all shapes and sizes, but despite that, generally speaking, men noses are significantly larger than female noses, and apparently, no

Papuan weevils have screw-in legs

Long before humans were even thinking about developing the nut and bolt mechanism for screwing one thing to another, mother nature had it all planned and implemented, in this weevil from Papua which attaches their legs to their bodies instead of the old fashion ball-and-socket joint. Weevils in Papua Weevils are beetles from the Curculionoidea superfamily, a large and extended