Astronaut tweets incredible pictures of Hurricane Florence heading for the US East Coast

“Watch out, America!”

Russia: International Space Station leak might have been deliberate sabotage

Glue and duct tape saved the day…

The International Space Station just launched a harpoon-toting satellite to keep it safe from space junk

Few problems will persist after a generous application of stabbings.

All countries in the world invited to join on the China Space Station

It should be ready by the mid-2020s.

Trump Administration considers privatizing the ISS. Fortunately, that won’t likely happen

Because it would be dumb.

Trump wants to withdraw NASA’s funding for the ISS as of 2024

It’s the earliest date this is possible but this could leave American astronauts stranded on the ground.

Astronauts identify microbes in space for the first time

We really do contaminate everything we touch — and space is no exception.

ISS bacteria is almost the same as in your home, and that’s a good thing

Microbes seem at home in the space lab.

Astronaut shows what fidget spinners can do in outer space

NASA just wins, can everyone stop with the fidget spinner videos now?

China’s first space station is about to come crashing down on Earth, and we don’t really know where

No reason to worry, just an 8-ton space station crashing down on Earth.

You can now take a virtual walk on the International Space Station. Here’s how

It’s the best place to get lost — and trust me, you will.

ISS astronauts will bake the first crumb-free, space bread in 2018

One small step for bread, one giant leap for mankind.

NASA to install new ISS module for space taxis

Astronauts will be installing a new module on the ISS for space taxis.

British Astronaut runs London Marathon from space

British astronaut Tim Peake ran the London Marathon on a treadmill aboard the International Space Station.

Inflatable habitat attached to the ISS. Next, space hotels!

Beam is basically a huge inflatable structure which is easy to carry and provides ample living space for astronauts once it expands. Props to SpaceX for yet another successful Dragon mission, but also to Bigelow Aerospace — a company which might become a household name in the coming decade if their plan works: build the first space hotel!

An inflatable habitat module will soon be attached to the ISS

SpaceX will launch as early as April 8 an inflatable habitat module destined for the International Space Station.

This common bacterium grows 60% better in space than on Earth

When researchers started raising 48 bacteria species aboard the International Space Station, they weren’t really sure what to expect. They wanted to see how the microorganisms would adapt to living in microgravity, but one species hasn’t only adapted – it’s doing better than on Earth. According to a recent study, Bacillus safensis JPL-MERTA-8-2 – a strain first discovered on one of

NASA astronaut Scott Kelly returned to the U.S. 2 inches taller

Astronaut Scott Kelly returned to planet Earth on Thursday, after a landing in which everything went smoothly, as expected.

NASA awards ISS cargo duties to a third private corp that uses a mini-shuttle

There’s a now a third private space entity that’s been screened and granted permission to ferry cargo to and fro the International Space Station. Joining SpaceX and Orbital will be the Sierra Nevada Corp. which plans to use a reusable winged craft that looks like a mini-shuttle. The design allows for a soft landing on a runway, instead of dropping the ocean, that might prove more effective for retrieving sensitive scientific instruments.

NASA’s Top 15 ISS Pictures of 2015

NASA just released their famous pictures taken from the International Space Station in 2015. The images were shot by astronauts aboard the ISS and the list was selected by NASA Johnson Space Center’s Earth Observations team. It wasn’t an easy job with many bedazzling photos fighting for the top positions. 1. Lake Chad and a Bodele Dust Plume, Sahara The arid landscapes