Kilauea erupts with massive explosion [photos and videos]

Things continue to be pretty nasty in Hawaii.

Kilauea volcano in Hawaii erupts, threatening local community. So far, everyone is safe

Thankfully, everyone is safe.

Hawaii moves to ban common sunscreen mixes in a bid to safeguard its corals

Worry not — alternatives are readily available, so don’t cancel your vay-cay just yet.

Hawaii to ignore Trump, stick to the Paris Agreement

Hawaii pledges to bypass the White House and stick to the Paris Agreement.

Climate change will ruin Hawaii, new study finds

America’s favorite travel destination, Hawaii, is in for some nasty times.

The US steps up for the bees, adding seven Hawaiian species the Endangered Species List

I’m buzzing with excitement.

Hawaii’s wildlife is being killed off by invasive species

Invasive species – such as pigs, goats, rats and slugs – are destroying Hawaii’s flora fast, a new IUCN report states.

The most expensive things you can eat or drink

Gastronomy is becoming more of a science and less of an art with each passing day, but there are some foods which are just downright unreasonably expensive.

Earthquake swarm indicates lava build-up at Kilauea volcanoes

Geologists are expecting increased activity on the Kilauea volcano, warning that another eruption is likely possible. It seems that lava continues to build up, as manifested through a swarm of minor earthquakes.

Study puts growth of Hawaiian volcanoes in a different perspective

Even an area so studied as Hawaii sometimes yields surprises – a recent study conducted by researchers at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology (SOEST) and the University of Rhode Island (URI) changes the very foundation of how the Hawaii islands were formed: it is the eruptions of lava on the surface,

Oldest galaxy discovered so far in the Universe is 12.91 billion years old

Using the  Subaru and Keck optical/infrared telescopes on Hawaii’s Mauna Kea, a 4,200 metre-high summit which houses the world’s largest observatory for optical, infrared and submillimeter astronomy, a team of Japanese astronomers claim in a recently published paper that they’ve discovered the earliest galaxy found thus far in the known Universe – it is 12.91 billion years old or 12.91 billion light

Hawaii becomes first US state to ban plastic bags – sets a remarkable example

The Governor of the Honolulu county signed the law passed by the local council, banning plastic bags altogether – thus making Hawaii the first state ever to do so. There are four counties in Hawaii – and all of them set a great example together; the thing is, this was not done by state legislature, but instead, each of the

Further heartbreaking information about the Japan earthquake + info on threatened areas

The earthquake that struck Japan is much worse than original estimates ! The original 7.9 magnitude actually just got upgraded to 8.9, which makes it 10 times more powerful, and the 4th most powerful earthquake in the past 100 years. Sadly, reports of injured and killed people keep coming in, and will likely not stop for a long time, especially

Stunning picture and video from the Kilauea Eruption in Hawaii

As I was telling you just earlier, the Kilauea volcano erupted, with a fissure throwing lava up more than 20 meters towards the sky in a dazzling display of volcanic power. The Hawaii eruption took place just after one of the volcano’s floors collapsed, thus creating the necessary conditions for lava to come out to the surface. This is great news to

Volcanic eruption in Hawaii

Hawaii isn’t all warm breezes, mojitos and surfing; it’s what geologists call a hot spot, one of the most active volcanic regions on the face of the planet, so it was little surprise when Kilauea erupted; after all, it is one of the most potent volcanoes in the world, being in a constant eruption since the 3rd of January, 1983

New planet close to size of Earth found

The Planet Researchers have long been interested in finding other planets that have approximately the same size as our mother earth, because it’s estimated that they have the biggest odds of hosting life in a significant diversity. However, out of the over 400 planets that have been discovered so far, the vast majority resembles Jupiter rather than Earth. Scientists using