AI fail: Chinese driver gets fine for scratching his face

Uhm, what now?

World’s fastest camera captures 10 trillion frames per second

The unprecedented scale of imaging can record even the slightest changes in the behavior of light.

Shrimp-inspired camera leads to new underwater GPS

The novel camera help researchers devise a novel underwater GPS method.

How bees might help smartphone cameras snap more natural-looking photos

They give us honey. Now, bees could offer the best Instagram photos.

Lensless camera designed to be paper-thin and do anything a traditional camera does

Except being bulky.

This camera can see around corners in real time

The future is now – researchers at the Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, Scotland have developed a camera that can see around corners and track movements in real time.

New camera for ultrafast photography shoots one hundred billion frames per second

High speed photography is no longer a new thing… but then again, it depends what you mean by high speed photography; you likely don’t mean one hundred billion frames per second (100,000,000,000 fps) – but that’s exactly what Liang Gao, Assistant Professor at Stony Brook University means. He and his team have developed the world’s  fastest receive-only 2-D camera. Using the

Software makes phone pics clearer and sharper without changing hardware

There aren’t that many people who imagined that in only a couple of years we’d see smartphones with 40MGpx cameras. Amazingly as that may sound, manufacturers are nearing a stand-still as far as optics miniaturization is concerned and even so, high end camera phones don’t come near the quality of a dedicated optical hardware. A new software developed by a

How IP cameras work: the basics of modern surveillance

In an ever more crowded and complex world, people are more aware of the need for security, both in business settings and at home.  The need for alarm systems, limited access, extra locks, and passwords are all common these days.  Surveillance via a system of digital cameras is also gaining popularity, and such systems can be surprisingly affordable for those

Are you ready for the Gigapixel age? Researchers build 50 Gigapixel camera

If you  feel very proud of your iPhone’s 8Megapixel camera or your high resolution DSLR, you might want to consider what a camera capable of taking photos with gigapixel resolution implies. Researchers at  Duke University and the University of Arizona thought this through, and managed to devise a 50 gigapixel  camera. Here’s Paris in 26 Gigapixels just so you can form

Ultra-speed camera developed at MIT can “see” around corners

Researchers at MIT have developed a new revolutionary technique, in which they re-purposed the trillion frames/second camera we told you about a while ago, and used it to capture 3-D images of a wooden figurine and of foam cutouts outside of the camera’s line of sight. Essentially, the camera could see around corners, by transmitting and then reading back light

Shocking news: implanting a camera in your head is bad for your health

Artists suffer for their art – it’s a well known fact. But for an artist at the New York University, things escalated to a whole new level: the camera he installed himself in his head was rejected by his body, causing some serious health issues. Let’s rewind a little; back in November, Wafaa Bilal, an NYU photography professor tried to

Tomorrow’s camera is flash free, regardless of light conditions

As any amateur photographer can tell you, in order to take a clear picture, you require a good light source; so in poor light conditions, the solution was the intense flash. However, there are some obvious disadvantages. Still, computer scientist Rob Fergus started thinking if we actually need such an intense light source, or if we could actually develop some