Sticks and stones will break your bones, then this new cellulose aerogel will heal them


Scientists find hidden blood vessels inside bone

The findings might lead to new treatments for bone inflammation and tissue injuries.

Scientists learn how bone grows atom by atom, which could lead to better osteoporosis treatment

Bone growth had previously been somewhat of a mystery.

Earliest evidence of bone solves mysterious origin of our skeletons

New research solves a 160-year-old mystery about the origin of the vertebrate skeleton.

Bones have a fractal-like structure making them super strong and flexible

Bones are more complex than they seem!

New Guinea warriors used human bone daggers — and these are remarkably strong

The weapons were used in hand-to-hand combat or to kill prisoners.

Augmented Reality could soon help surgeons ‘see’ through the skin

From Pokemon Go to the operating room.

Chameleons display fluorescent bones on the skull, study shows

Researchers discovered a new outstanding feature of the chameleon: its bones shine in a blue hue in UV light.

Heavily armored dino might’ve used its plates as status symbols, to attract mates, intimidate rivals

It’s all about passing on your genes.

Scientists make transparent bones to study diseases like osteoporosis

The innovative method could help millions of people who suffer from osteoporosis.

Inactive teens make for inactive bones

Exercising makes you stronger in every way.

Reconstructive surgery gets a much needed upgrade with 3-D printed ‘hyper-elastic bones’

Amazing times ahead for medicine.

Scientists use embryonic stem cells to create bone, heart muscle in just 5 days

Healing wounds might become a whole lot easier.

Oldest most complete skeleton found in the New World

In what is quite an exciting study, a mixed team of researchers and cave divers announced the discovery of a near-complete early American human skeleton with an intact cranium and preserved DNA. Over 40 meters (130 feet) below sea level, in the Hoyo Negro area in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, there lies an intricate cave system which was once above the

Biopatch stimulates bone growth via DNA instructions

You’ll be pretty impressed by this novel research. Scientists at  University of Iowa have developed an ingenious biopatch which expels nanoparticles containing DNA that instructs cells to turn into bone. Practically, you just apply this patch over a damaged area that needs reconstruction, dental surgery site or congenital bone defect and the genes do the rest of the job. Tests so far

Atomic structure of bone deciphered for the first time

Bone is a really awesome material, being hard and flexible at the same time. For something so ubiquitous and studied for so long, it might come as a surprise to some of you to hear that the molecular bone structure of bone has alluded scientists for such a long while. This is because, even though the constituent elements that make up bone have