Boeing delays test flight for Starliner crew capsule

The Air Force had to use the same launch pad, the company announced.

Boeing wants to beat SpaceX to Mars. Elon Musk: “Do it”

The two companies are in a direct competition, and we just can’t have enough of it.

Wearing NASA’s new Starliner space suit is reason enough to become an astronaut

Guaranteed to maintain awesomeness even at 0 atm.

A crazy Boeing patent describes a jet engine powered by lasers and mini nuclear explosions

A while ago, aerospace giant applied a patent for a most peculiar propulsion system that uses high power lasers to kick off a fusion reaction, akin to a small thermonuclear explosion. The energy released would be enough power spacecraft, rockets and even jetliners with tremendous thrust.

NASA returns to manned space flight, gives contracts to SpaceX and Boeing

NASA astronauts will once again travel from the Earth to the International Space Station – under groundbreaking contracts announced today. The space agency announced that Boeing and SpaceX were selected to transport U.S. crews to and from the space station using their CST-100 and Crew Dragon spacecraft in 2017, finally ending their dependence on Russia. “From day one, the Obama Administration made

Boeing will build spacecraft for shuttle hangar

In a landmark decision that will mark the future of commercial space flight, Boeing announced an agreement with Space Florida on Monday to lease the hangar that housed the space shuttles to bring similar spacecrafts and take people into outer space. In an area that has lost numerous specialized jobs, this move will create 140 jobs in the next 18

NASA funds commercial space taxi development worth $269 million

As the last two shuttle flights will mark the end of a thirty year long program, NASA is looking for alternatives to transport astronauts, cargo and equipment to and from outer space. The best alternative seems to come from the private sectore, and with this in mind NASA has awarded a total $269 million dived among several top aeronautical companies

SpaceX unveil the world’s most powerful private rocket

The dawn of a new space era has begun – the commercial space era! As governments constantly cut space exploration budgets, the world is forced to turn its gaze upon the private sector which is more than willing to lend a commercial hand to space agencies. Space tourism, satellite orbit delivery, ISS cargo taxi, you name it and rest assure

US Space Plane is in orbit

Whenever Boeing and NASA team up, you can bet your sweet lasers something wicked is going to happen; actually, the first logical thing that would come to mind is a space plane – and this is what they did. The US X-37B is now in orbit, after a successful launch that took place without any incidents whatsoever. The orbital test

Boeing enters the space tourism market

Commercial space flight is starting to promise to become a very lucrative market since an ever growing interested is harnessed by the big corporations of the world. Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic in cooperation with Scaled Composites (Mojave, CA), announced their sincere intentions of entering the commercial space travel market, after recently the giant Boeing also announced its plans to carry