Asia may have given the world beer yeast, new research finds

Thank you, Asia, you’re the real MVP.

Whatever your drinking strategy is, you’ll get equally hungover

If you want to avoid hangovers, simply look for red flags, researchers say.

Novel approach to identifying flavor molecules poised to make fermented goods even more delicious

Taste trumps all!

Early humans grew grains for beer, not bread, new study suggests

The researchers also recreated the brewing process in the lab — for science, of course.

Humans were brewing beer before they started growing cereals

The 13,000-year-old evidence is actually the first record of man-made alcohol in the world.

Earliest evidence of beer brewing in Scandinavia hails from the Iron Age

What would civilization be without beer? A depressing experience, that’s what.

These people recreated an ancient Roman beer, and here’s what they learned

Spoiler alert: it was pretty good.

Brewing beer on Mars? Students find Martian soil is suitable for growing hops

Brace yourselves for Martian craft beer!

Most beers and wines aren’t vegetarian — or why there’s fish bladder in your pint

Who wants to drink fish guts?

US brewery wants to make beer on Mars — so they’re space-testing barley seeds next week

How do you go ‘bottoms up’ when there’s no ‘up’ in space?!

Researchers develop probiotic beer that “boosts your immunity and improves gut health”

If you needed another reason to enjoy your beer — here yo go!

Beer giant Anheuser-Busch InBev commits to 100 percent renewable energy

Future beers will be made with 100% renewable energy.

Stanford students brew 5,000 year old Chinese beer, say it’s fruity and tasty

Can’t spell ‘archaeology’ without ‘alcohol’.

Has Science Gone Too Far? This Beer is Perfectly Designed for Shower Drinking, Can Also Serve as Conditioner

You never knew you needed this in your life.

How to pour the perfect beer – according to science

The art and science of pouring a beer.

The most expensive things you can eat or drink

Gastronomy is becoming more of a science and less of an art with each passing day, but there are some foods which are just downright unreasonably expensive.

Oldest beer making tools found in China are 5,000-years-old

Ancient Chinese villagers already mastered beer making more than 5,000 years ago, according to archaeologists who found beer-making equipment in the Shaanxi province.

Compounds from hops, an essential ingredient in beer, might be turned into anti-cancer medicine

The health benefits of beer are well documented, and much of these are owed to the properties of hops.

Light-moderate drinking is good for your heart

Beer, liquor and wine lovers – rejoice!

A Danish Festival Will Recycle Participants’ Urine to Make New Beer

Call it Beercycling – gallons of beer-urine will be used to fertilize barley, which will ultimately become beer, and then urine again. It’s the perfect cycle. Denmark’s Roskilde festival is the largest music festival in Scandinavia and one of the largest in the world. Roskilde Festival 2013 had more than 180 performing bands and gathered around 130,000 festivalgoers, with more than 21,000 volunteers,