The man who is ageing too fast

Nobuaki Nagashima has Werner syndrome, which causes his body to age at super speed.

You’re really only as old as you feel — or rather, as you think

How old do you feel, really?

Cutting calories delays ageing, new study shows

Eat less, live longer.

Childbirth can make women’s cells age faster than smoking or obesity

Scientists discovered that having children significantly shortened telomeres (genetic markers of aging).

Naked mole-rats live extremely long lives and do not age, study finds

These are wrinkled creatures have some amazing superpowers.

New therapy rejuvenates old cells in the lab, which now behave like young cells

Shortly after the therapy, the aged cells started dividing and had longer telomeres.

Drug reverses aging in mice. The rodents saw increased stamina, better organ function, and restored fur

For humans, the same kind of therapy seems years away.

Science explains why some people age faster and die younger regardless of lifestyle

Can we wind the clock back?

New research challenges aging consensus by reversing mitochondrial anomalies in 97-year-old cells

A team led by Professor Jun-Ichi Hayashi from the University of Tsukuba in Japan, known as the white lion to his students given his white hair and powerful voice, challenges the current consensus surrounding the mitochondrial theory of aging, proposing epigenetic regulation, and not genetic mutation, may be responsible for the age-related effects seen in mitochondria. When Hayashi and colleagues tested their theory, they reversed the age defects in cell lines collected from 97-year-old Japanese participants. They then singled out two genes involved in glycine production which they believed are responsible for the mitochondria reversal. The findings thus suggest that a glycine supplementation could help curb aging or age-related diseases.

Scientists find gene that plays a key role in aging

At a rather strange location for a medical announcement, the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas, Dr. Florence Comite faced some of the best researchers in the field of aging. They gathered there for the 17th annual Age Management Medicine Group conference, and Dr. Comite had an exciting announcement to make: researchers have found a crucial gene responsible for aging. The head of that

Aging successfully reversed in mice – human trials to start next

As incredible as it may sound, scientists have successfully reversed the aging process in mice, according to a new study published in Cell. Reversing aging, a real possibility? Many of the chronic diseases that exist in older adults constitute a highly significant social and economic burden to the community; if you think about it, eliminating (or at least alleviating) the