How the sperm’s waggy tail enables the miracle of life

Human sperm has evolved a reinforced coating on its outer tail which enables it to penetrate thick fluid.

Men wearing tight underwear have lower sperm count

But that doesn’t mean their fertility is necessarily affected.

NASA is sending sperm to the ISS — here’s why

The first step to making spacebabies is to know if we can actually do it.

Scientists make healthy sperm in the lab, raising hope for those suffering from genetic male infertility

They started from a mouse’s ear tissue cells, which they eventually turned into healthy sperm.

Western males have lost nearly 60% of their sperm count since the 1970s

Exposure to new man-made chemicals might be to blame.

Mouse space sperm could pave a new era of space exploration

Space sperm to the rescue!

Experimental male birth control seems to work, but the side effects are pretty nasty

The shots were 97% effective but were not very pleasant to handle.

Dog fertility has gone down significantly, and we’re probably to blame

We might be the next to come.

Male dogs are becoming less fertile, and researchers believe it’s happening to us next


Half of sunscreens might disrupt sperm function

Women who use certain sunscreens might be at risk of infertility, as scientists found 45 percent of the tested products contained chemicals that mess with the function of sperm.

50 Million Year Old Sperm Found by Accident in Antarctica

Scientists have stumbled on some incredibly old sperm in the wall of a fossilized cocoon in Antarctica. The remains of the long, thin cells represent the oldest animal sperm known to man – 50 million years old.

Sparks Literally Fly When the Egg Meets Sperm, Spectacular Images Show

They say that when two people fall in love, you can see sparks flying. Well, that may or may not be true, but researchers from the US have shown that when sperm meets and egg – sparks definitely fly. Fertilization Fireworks These are the first images captured at the exact moment when a mammal’s egg is fertilized, showing that in response,

Sperm RNA carries marks of trauma

Scientists have shown that trauma can leave epigenetic marks – chemical changes that affect how DNA is expressed without altering its sequence. Basically, your traumatic experiences genetically affect your offspring. Scientists have recently focused on the long term after effects of trauma, finding them to be numerous and diverse. The offspring of traumatized people are at a high risk of depression and

Male birth control pill may work by blocking sperm ejaculation

Male birth control pills have been researched for some time, however previous attempts have been found to be ineffective. A new method that concentrates at blocking male sperm ejaculation, has been found to be effective in mice. A drug could be administered orally, just like the female version. Before a male birth control pill can be released for humans, it

Manipulative female squids consume sperm for nutrition

Benjamin Wegener, a researcher at Monash University’s School of Biological Sciences and his team has shown that for squids, it’s really a dog eat dog out there: certain females consume male ejaculate and sperm as if they were foods, providing more energy for both themselves and future eggs. For females, it’s really a big win – the sperm is very

French sperm decreasing in quality

French people are among the healthiest nations in the world, but even so, their sperm is sinking, not swimming, according to a recent study. The study analyzed the little swimmers from 26.600 men, taken in a span of 17 years, and they found a significant decrease in quality as time passes – both in concentration and morphology. “To our knowledge,

Sperm captured in 3D for the first time, reveals corkscrewing swimming [with video]

Scientists have finally managed to track sperm patterns in 3D, for the first time in history. Bless their gifted brains, this remarkable achievement revealed some interesting and unexpected things: some sperm swim in corkscrew patterns, while others are hyperactive and hectic. Aydogan Ozcan, the sperm study leader, placed sperm on a silicon sensor chip and used red and blue light

Sperm donors are manlier than non-donors

Researchers at Linköping University have taken up themselves to study the intricate personality of the sperm donor. What they found was that men who cared enough to preserve their heritage were more stable and mature than non-donors. Rather extensive, as part of the study the researchers asked donors from all of Sweden’s seven sperm banks to fill in questionnaires relating to

Researchers look at worms having sex to figure out evolution of sperm

Researchers get paid to do the weirdest things nowadays; recently, a team including Lukas Schärer and his wife Dita Vizoso, both of the University of Basel in Switzerland spent hours and hours watching and analyzing worms having sex (which, basically could be classified as worm porn) in order to find out why some flatworms have ‘large sex cells with bristles