Constantly checking your phone reduces wellbeing, makes you less mindful

Psychologists call this phenomenon ‘online vigilance’.

With a few cheap changes, your smartphone can now detect lead contamination in water

Smartphones can be turned into a water quality sensor, too.

Scientists build chemical weapon detector with Lego

Gruesome chemical weapons can be detected with the help of children’s toys.

Put your phone away if you want to enjoy your night out, study suggests

Unlike apps, happiness doesn’t seem to come through your phone.

How bees might help smartphone cameras snap more natural-looking photos

They give us honey. Now, bees could offer the best Instagram photos.

You’re dumber when your smartphone is within reach


Fingerprint authentication for smartphones isn’t secure at all. Some of the enrolled prints are like ‘1234’ PIN codes

Fingerprint auth isn’t as secure as most people think.

Security experts crack smartphone PIN using only the motion sensor data. By the third try, the algorithm was 94 percent accurate

The algorithm exploited the motion and orientation data recorded by a smartphone’s accelerometer or gyroscope.

New method piggybacks data on radio waves to make singing posters and smart cities

Its gonna be a lot of chatter though.

‘Find my Phone’ documentary spies on thief through stolen phone for weeks

A must watch.

Portable smartphone laboratory can detect cancer with 99% accuracy

This tiny thing can analyze 8 samples at once.

New class of transparent metal films could make smartphones a whole lot cheaper

Researchers have discovered a new material that’s both transparent and electrically conductive that might make smartphones, TVs, smart windows and solar cells a lot cheaper, and maybe even more efficient.

This simple code can increase your smartphone battery life by 16% – and yes, it’s free

Researchers at Purdue University in the US have developed a new tool for Android users that could increase your battery life by 16%.

Your smartphone will be able to tell if you have blood parasites

Scientists have managed to use a simple smartphone to test for blood parasites; the device and app was successful in small trials in Cameroon.

Your smartphone might be making you stupid

People who excessively rely on their smartphones scored lower on tests which gauged cognitive abilities like analytical thinking than those who use their smartphones less frequently. The results reported by psychologists at University of Waterloo suggest that using smartphones to find answers to questions – difficult or not – via search engines makes you lazy and less apt at solving problems.

Software makes phone pics clearer and sharper without changing hardware

There aren’t that many people who imagined that in only a couple of years we’d see smartphones with 40MGpx cameras. Amazingly as that may sound, manufacturers are nearing a stand-still as far as optics miniaturization is concerned and even so, high end camera phones don’t come near the quality of a dedicated optical hardware. A new software developed by a

Bra Sensors Could Monitor Overeating

Despite all the related problems which contribute to obesity such as stress , the main cause is… eating too much. Recent studies have shown that people tend to overeat when they are stressed out – often creating a negative cycle of eating more, gaining weight and then getting stressed out about gaining weight – especially during the holiday season with

Chickens and high-tech or how the LG G2 won the camera smartphone market

What happens when you combine a chicken, a man cave, and one of the most advanced and awesome smartphones out there? Simple: a brilliant ad that explains the LG G2‘s most complex features through the eyes of a man-cave engineer and his pet chicken, turned prized invention, Lizzy. Marketing aside, this smartphone truly delivers. Here are some stats at a

What to Expect From the New Blackberry Phones

The hype about the Blackberry 10 models became stronger when Research in Motion (RIM) sent out the invites for their January 30 launch at the Big Apple. While the event will surely be star-studded, the true stars of the show will be the “comeback” models of the brand that took the world by storm a few years back. Aside from

Orwell that ends well (… or understanding smartphone technologies)

George Orwell’s “ 1984” did not turn out the way it was imagined to turn out.  Something of that sort happened somehow sometime later in the 1990’s when the internet finally became fair game for all. We all know what happened next. So we fast-forward to the present millennium as we speed off the information highway and load up on