Slothbot slowly, but surely monitors the environment

Scientists were inspired by the sloth — the master of energy conservation — to design a hyper-energy-efficient robot.

MIT’s newest, diminutive robot can do backflips and outrun you in every single way

It’s cool, it’s small, it can do a backflip off the wall.

Japanese hotel fires robots to replace them with humans

They took our jobs! Uhm… no wait… we took their jobs!!

Researchers design the first soft robot that moves like a plant

Which is to say, slowly!

Nuclear-powered ‘tunnelbot’ could probe the depths of Europa’s oceans

Europa’s almost as cold as your ex’s heart, just as frozen.

MIT designs and builds a plant-robot plantborg that can move towards light

Its name is Elowan and it probably comes in peace.

Japanese builder-bot offers glimpse into the construction site of the future

No more heavy lifting.

Scientists design ‘Pokéball’ that safely captures even the most delicate underwater creatures

Gotta catch em all!

Novel system allows robots to learn new skills just by looking at you do it

Can it teach them how to love, though?

Tiny, new-generation robot can walk on land, water, or swim — while being downright adorable

This cutesy bot hides a lot of potential.

Supposed health benefits of sexbots have no meat to them, new study says

The science isn’t in yet that sexbots benefit society in any way.

Gecko-inspired adhesive allows robots to grip wider range of objects

The new gripper can grasp almost anything from pipes to porous rocks. Its primary application might be space.

NASA Explores the Use of Robotic Bees on Mars

Marsbees could cover a lot more ground on the Red Planet than sluggish rovers.

Walmart silently filed a patent for robotic bees meant to pollinate crops

As bee populations dwindle, robots are made to take their place.

A demonic robo-wolf is now protecting Japanese farmlands

The scarecrow of the 21st century.

[WATCH] Some ignorant human trying to stop a door-opening robot dog

Boston Dynamics’ SpotMini takes a beating — but went through either way.

Scottish supermarket hires bot, sacks him after only one week, says retail robots “unlikely”

Named Fabio, the robot made a definite impression with his colleagues.

New “soft robots” are strong enough to lift heavy weights, delicate enough to pluck a raspberry

The new generation of robots is softer and gentler.

Robot learns like a toddler to predict future outcomes in its environment

Taking inspiration from babies, this machine learns to predict seconds into the future.

A Chinese AI passed the national medical licensing exam, so technically it’s a doctor

Move over, WebMD.