World’s first molecular robot could usher in a whole new age of miniaturization

Nanoscience just got a whole lot more interesting.

Artificial muscle lifts 1,000 times its own weight, brings us closer to humanoid bots

A step closer to forging our new robotic overlords.

MIT designs robot to be a good pedestrian and not bump into you on the sidewalk

It’s had hours upon hours of simulation training to learn the basics.

A robotic Buddhist priest can now perform funerals in Japan

It can live-stream funerals, too.

A history of how computers went from stealing your heart, to stealing your job

They changed our society from the ground up. And will do so again.

Plant-like robot can grow 250 times its length, manipulate objects, form complex shapes


Carnegie U software lets anyone design and build a bot — that works

Click, print, ready!

Meet Tolley, the single most adorable robot you’ll ever see ever — who’s also a breakthrough

Cute + science = yesplease.

Parasitic robot rides turtles in exchange for lunch

One day, this robot will ride you.

Adorable NASA robocube will float and do the housekeeping aboard the ISS

More like robocute, am I right?

Robots could soon write emotional or motivating songs

Inserting feelings into Artificial Intelligence music — the future is kinda happening already.

This Japanese humanoid robot probably does more push-ups than you. Its secret: it can sweat

A robot that was made to mock us.

Programmable 3-D printed soft materials helps robots and drone make a soft landing

This is real custom work.

Russian police arrested a robot and here’s why I’m not Ok with that

Witnesses say the robot complied peacefully.

Designed for astronauts, the RoboHand can double your hand’s strength — and soon, it will be available on Earth


Product Review: ILife Beetles A4 Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

A very solid entry-level robot vacuum. No more sweeping!

A katana-armed industrial robot vs human samurai sword master

Machii Isao is an Iaido master and an expert sword wielder. He holds five Guinness World Records including “fastest 1,000 iaido sword cuts (36 min 4 sec)” and “most iaido sword cuts to one mat” (8), but you might know him as the real-life “fruit ninja” if you saw some of his stints up on YouTube. Check out how Isao fared against a robot.

A college course has been using a robot as a teacher and no one even realized

I for one welcome our new robot TAs.

This robot sutures surgical incisions like a STAR: it’s better than doctors

Thanks to robots, surgery has gone a long way since these have been introduced in the ’80s making operations safer and less invasive. Now, surgical robots are starting to migrate from assistant to leading roles, which is where experts say they will really shine.

Underwater maintenance robot-snakes look scary but are actually quite cool

Eelume company developed a snake-like robot for underwater maintenance tasks. The deceptively simple robots could drastically reduce operating costs for deep sea rigs.