Weightlifting may improve sleep quality and anxiety in PTSD patients

Another study finds that physical activity improves PTSD symptoms.

AI diagnoses PTSD by analyzing veterans’ voices

Trauma can change our voice and now computers can identify it.

Researchers identify clump of neurons that block, or allow, frightful memories into our minds

Fear is the mind killer.

Tetris therapy could help reduce flashbacks for PTSD patients

Pre-Tetris stress disorder?

MDMA makes people more cooperative towards trustworthy people — with important implications for psychotherapy

More insight into what makes MDMA so good at connecting people.

The 2016 election was so traumatic it caused PTSD symptoms in 1 in 4 young adults

For some students, the hate speech and divisive campaign of the last election were particularly traumatic.

Many cancer survivors are still battling with PTSD

As if cancer wasn’t problematic enough…

MDMA is now officially labelled a “breakthrough treatment” for PTSD

Researchers have been suggesting this for decades.

15 years of research shows kids in Gaza are suffering from PTSD

A study conducted by researchers from Leicester University shows how an entire generation of children in Gaza is traumatized by PTSD and anxiety. “Why is it always the innocents who suffer most, when you high lords play your game of thrones?” – Varys, A Game of Thrones War is almost never about soldiers fighting soldiers. Usually, war is about soldiers