Abortions don’t harm women’s health but denying them does

Pro-life groups seem to be wrong with this one.

Fathers-to-be who smoke can harm babies

Men who smoke around pregnant women can cause congenital heart defects in their offspring. 

Stress might reduces fertility in women, but not in men

Couples looking to conceive might want to try some stress management first.

More evidence showing pertussis vaccination for pregnant women is safe and effective

Pregnant women can be reassured there is no risk of autism to their babies due to Tdap vaccine.

Pregnant women urged to sleep on side to lower risk of stillbirth

Sleeping on the back in the third trimester doubles the risk of stillbirth.

Good fathers’ testosterone level drops when expecting a baby

From horny freshmen to hugs and pacifiers, testosterone powers every man’s relationships.

Alcohol while pregnant: not even a drop, American Academy of Pediatrics urges

“No amount of alcohol should be considered safe to drink during any trimester of pregnancy,” wrote the the American Academy of Pediatrics in a report which identified ingesting alcohol during pregnancy as the leading cause of preventable birth defects.

How male sea horses turn pregnant and carry their young

Seahorses are a unique oddity seeing how males, not females, carry the pregnancy and deliver the young. It’s like that embarrassing Arnold Schwarzenegger movie. You know, the one where he participants in a weird science experiment and gets himself pregnant. Seahorses are a lot more interesting, though – they do this in real-life. Not much was known about this peculiar process encountered nowhere else in the animal kingdom. But Australian researchers at University of Sydney have now peered through the molecular and genetic mechanism that males use to nurture their young.

Vaccination starts with pregnancy, for everyone’s good health

The most important message mommies are missing is that pregnant women and their babies need vaccines to stay healthy, according to Saad Omer, a researcher the Royal Society for Public Health.

Maternal exposure to cannabis has drastic consequences on the child, study finds

Fetal brain development has been found to be drastically endangered by maternal drug exposure, according to an ongoing study by an international consortium of researchers from Karolinska Institutet. Cannabis consumption during pregnancy can impair the brain development of the fetus, bringing dreadful long-lasting effects after the child is born. The main consequences are affecting the nerve cells from forming connections,

Parents live longer than childless couples, study shows

A new study released by Danish researchers at Aarhus University has found a correlation that suggests that couples that are unable to conceive children have a higher mortality rate than those that are. The study studied more than 21,000 couples having in vitro fertilization treatment between 1994 and 2005. During this period, 15,210 children were born and 1,564 were adopted. Unfortunately, 96 women and 200

Consuming Fish During Pregnancy Improves Child’s IQ: Study

Infants born to mothers who consumed more fish during pregnancy have recorded improved verbal intelligence, fine motor skills and pro-social behavior, says a latest study. The study, reported in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition was  coordinated by the University of Granada(Spain) professor Cristina Campoy Folgoso. The researchers collected blood samples from 2,000 women at 20 gestational weeks and from the umbilical