Facebook might have more dead users than alive by 2100

This…. this is a novel problem.

First reliable evidence for ‘social acceleration’ comes from our shorter collective attention spans

Uuu, shiny.

Movies and shows may help people with attachment issues better navigate their own relationships

Any study that mentions The Office is a good study in my book.

Brands and ads displaying wild animals could make us oblivious to the fact that they’re dying off

You probably think there are a lot of these animals running around.

Media usually paints a negative image of refugees, study shows

The media does a lot to influence public opinion.

Facebook: where relationship builders, town criers, window shoppers, and selfies come to chat

Which one are you?

American media consumption to soar in 2015

The U.S. is not only the biggest energy consumer per capita in the lord, but also the leading media consumer. An estimated 6.9 zettabytes of media flows to individuals and households in a year or 6.9 million million gigabytes. That’s almost twice as much than in 2008 and according to the latest “How Much Media? 2013 Report on American Consumers,” produced

Men hold majority of top jobs in media, study shows

I don’t know about you, but when I think about reporters, newscasters, I always get the feeling there are more women than men. But that’s just not right, at least according to a recent study conducted by the International Women’s Media Foundation. The research in case found that 73 percent of the jobs in top media are held by men,

Does media make the young start drinking?

That advertising can make people buy more alcohol is mostly understandable as this is the main role of a commercial. However, what if simply seeing your favorite hero drinking a glass of fine whiskey could determine you to use your pocket money for the same purpose? And what if the very young are so influenced by seeing alcohol consumption on