Medical cannabis helps one third of chronic pain patients quit prescription opioid drugs

Herb could prove a worthy ally in our fight against opioid drugs.

Stop claiming marijuana cures cancer — FDA warns against unproven claims

Let’s stick to what’s scientifically proven, shall we?

Marijuana use among teenagers drops to lowest since 1994, despite widespread legalization

Legal or not, teens aren’t that interested in cannabis anymore.

What happens in the brain when you mix marijuana and alcohol

Alcohol and weed can mix well, but only if you’re careful.

What is THC: the main psychoactive ingredient in marijuana

THC has beneficial health outcomes but also carries risks. Let’s see what the science says about it.

Low doses of THC can relieve stress, while high doses to the opposite

It’s all about moderation, guys. Keep it down to a small buzz, researchers suggest.

Washington researchers want you to smoke pot — for science

For science!

What do marijuana and chili have in common? They both calm the gut, scientists say

The findings suggest that both foods could have a therapeutic effect against diabetes and colitis.

Dank science: Jerusalem University launches marijuana study center

This new research center is set to deliver quite a buzz.

More and more people support legalizing marijuana — with economic arguments

A new Cornell study found that people who support legalizing marijuana are not potheads at all — they have practical, economic reasons.

Massive report on cannabis confirms health benefits, calls for more research

Roll up! Your sleeves so we can do some research, of course.

Self-treating depression and anxiety with pot might work for a while, but it’s probably bad in the long-term

It’s not a waterproof study, but it’s a good starting point for further research.

Marilize Legajuana: most Americans support lifting cannabis ban. Only a decade ago the reverse was true

It’s high time we made pot legal, say most Americans.

U.S. government rejects bid to re-schedule pot, but relaxes barriers for marijuana research

The U.S. government threw a bone, at least.

One in Eight Americans say they regularly smoke pot — almost double since 2013

Pot is becoming very popular among Americans. Or it’s always been, but we’re only beginning to find out.

Marijuana use doesn’t affect your physical health, except for one aspect: your gums

A longitudinal study which tracked 1,037 New Zealanders from birth to middle age found marijuana use did not cause physical problems, with one notable exception: periodontal health.

Heavy marijuana users process stressful stimuli similarly to those with an anxiety disorder

Heavy marijuana users react to anxiety-inducing stimuli similarly to people diagnosed with anxiety disorders, a new study found. The results could help improve the accuracy of anxiety disorder diagnostics in the future.

Colorado visitors smoking legal marijuana more likely to end up in the emergency room

Out-of-towners using marijuana in Colorado are at a higher risk to end up in the emergency room, according to a new study.

Years-worth of smoking pot might make you forget words in middle age

Researchers looked at the long-term exposure of marijuana on cognitive skills. Current users showed poorer cognitive ability across all the mediums the researchers tested. What was interesting is that among those who reported not using marijuana anymore, but used to, there was a pattern that suggested poorer verbal memory, which the ability to remember words. For every five year of cumulative marijuana use (365 days of smoking pot x 5), one in two people on average remembered one word fewer out of a list of fifteen.

Medical marijuana halves migraine frequency

Those suffering of migraine headaches reported these occurred less frequently after they were prescribed medical marijuana. The study made by a team at the Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus is the first to show marijuana actually turned down the knob on migraines.