Scientists in India find new type of viper — and it looks stunning

A beautiful snake of which we know very little.

Why India and Pakistan keep fighting over Kashmir — the history of the Kashmir conflict

It’s one of the world’s largest running conflicts. But why is it happening?

Indian state set to launch world’s biggest basic income experiment

This would be the world’s largest experiment of this type.

China and India on track for world’s largest economies by 2030. US could lose first place as soon as next year

The United States will likely never be able to catch up with China.

India just launched the largest health insurance scheme on the planet

The new insurance scheme — dubbed “Modicare” — will offer free medical services to 500 million citizens.

India’s aquifers show “widespread” uranium contamination

India’s groundwater problems are getting worse and worse.

Three confirmed, six suspected deaths from emerging Nipah virus in India

The WHO has previously placed this virus on its watchlist of pathogens with high “epidemic potential” and no known treatment.

“Nothing” changed: ancient Indian text pushes the history of zero back 500 years

As far as modern tech and know-how is concerned, zero is the hero.

Adorable pig-nosed frog completely new to science found in India

There’s more to it than meets the eye.

Only half a degree of warming has more than doubled India’s risk of fatal heat waves

The poor are disproportionately affected.

Learning to read changes your brain from stem to cortex, study finds

The more you do it, the better it gets.

India cancels plans for huge coal power station — because solar energy is getting so cheap

Coal is losing more and more ground.

India and China are cutting down on coal, and this will save the atmosphere from 2-3 billion tonnes of CO2 by 2030

China and India are fast becoming climate champions. Who would have thought?

Why India might become the biggest market in the world for solar energy

India wants 100GW of solar and wind to come online by 2022.

Tomorrow, India will launch a record-shattering 104 satellite missions

I can’t even muster enough willpower to count up to 104.

Deadly, mysterious child disease in India caused by skipping meals and lychee, study finds

Don’t skip on meals!

India just launched 20 satellites in 26 minutes and made history

India’s space agency is taking huge strides forward.

Musical horns reveal 2,000 year old cultural ties between Europe and India

An archeologist studying Irish iron-age musical horns has found a very surprising correspondent of the ancient musical arts in Europe: these artistic practices, long considered to be dead, are still alive and well in south India.

Solar is cheaper than coal, Indian energy minister says

We may be reaching a historic moment.

India’s Bakey edible spoon does two of my favorite things: limits dishes and plastic waste

India-based company Bakeys has started producing edible spoons to try and fight world-wide plastic waste from disposable cutlery. Not only eco-friendly, but also delicious!