‘Hobbits’ didn’t evolve from a direct modern human ancestor. They likely originate from Africa instead

The most comprehensive bone analysis of its kind shows Homo floresiensis didn’t share important features with Homo erectus.

‘Hobbit’ people on Flores Island are definitely not Homo Sapiens

The smaller humans who lived on the Flores Island in Indonesia until 12,000 years ago were not Homo sapiens but a different species, a new study confirms.

Real-life hobbit’s face revealed after reconstruction

Coincident with the much anticipated release of the new Lord of the Rings flick, a forensic anthropologist went through the painstaking process of reconstructing the face of the now famous Flores “hobbit”. The facial reconstruction shows a figure that looks a lot more modern than scientists would have thought.   Homo floresiensis caused a wave of controversy when then hominid species was

Evidence of new species of man found

Svante Paabo, the researcher whose work provided the basis for the Jurassic Park movies seems to have struck gold once again; this time it’s about a finger bone older than 30.000 years, found in the Altai mountains, that as far as DNA analysis has shown, belongs to no known species of humans. They also found a tooth that produced more

Neanderthals were fearless and calculated hunters

Even among some scientific circles, Neanderthals are considered to be the ‘stupid’ cousins of the modern humans (although some claim that’s the hobbit). However, new research shows they were able to hunt really large animals which required more than power to be taken down, pointing that neanderthals were far from stupid (as hobbits were too, according to some). A Dutch

Could humans have learned from Hobbits?

There has been a lot of debate around the whole ‘hobbit issue‘ and I’ve been watching that pretty closely. It was especially interesting to see how creationists adapted to the situation. The thing is every answer raises even more questions. Recently, researchers discovered thousands of small, sharp-edged objects made from volcanic tuff or chert in the house of the hobbit

First Neanderthal genome sequenced

The Neanderthal has spakled controversies around scientists for many years, and most questions remain unanswered even today; they had many adaptations to a hard life, such as hort, robust builds, and rather large noses, which show they lived mostly in cold climates. They were almost exclusively carnivorous and top predators and their brains were probably larger than ours, so it’s

Tiny Pacific skeletons lead to hobbit debate

[digg-me] [reddit-me]After it was proved that Homo floresiensis (”Man of Flores”, nicknamed Hobbit) is a different species than humans, the tiny skeletons found in the caves of the Pacific islands of Palau let to the theory that similar remains found in Indonesia are a very unique species. The Palau skeletons which are from 900 and 2800 years old seem to

New Light Shed On The ‘Hobbit’

  Homo floresiensis (“Man of Flores”, nicknamed Hobbit) is the name for what may be a species in the genus Homo, remarkable for its small body, small brain, and survival until relatively recent times. It is a 3-foot-tall, 18,000-year-old hominin skeleton with no chin and some other  strange and less obvious features. It is believed that the species has survived