Germany shuts down its last black coal mine, ending almost 200 years of history

But coal isn’t done yet in Germany. Quite far from it…

Germany rolls out the first hydrogen-powered trains in the world

These bright blue trains are the greenest around.

Archaeologists discover Germany’s oldest known library

An amazing finding in the heart of Cologne.

War relics become valuable heritage in Finland

This raises an important question about heritage.

Germany wants to make all public transit free to cut back on pollution

The country wants to first experiment with the proposal in five cities.

Flying insect biomass decreased by 75 percent over 27 years in nature reserves

We’re responsible and it’s up to us to clean up the mess.

Germany produced 85% of its electricity demand from renewable energy

Germany took the lead in renewable energy for one day.

Archaeologists and brewers recreate 2,500 year old funeral drink from residues found in a tomb

A drink to die for.

Hydrogen-powered train to start making trips in Germany by the end of 2017

Ja, das ist Sehr gut!

Germany to shut down several coal plants to lower CO2 emissions

Germany is taking some serious strides in its attempt to reduce carbon emissions by 40 percent until 2020: the European country announced that it will shut down several coal-fired plants and move towards more sustainable energy sources. “Coal-fired plants with a capacity of 2.7 gigawatts will be shut down,” said the government sources, who declined to say how many plants will

Bronze Age Priestess Traveled Huge Distances

In 1921, archaeologists found the remains of a Bronze Age priestess, dubbed the Egtved Girl. Now, a new study reveals that the priestess, who was found in Denmark, likely traveled hundreds of kilometers and was born somewhere in Germany. The Egtved Girl was, according to all clues, an extraordinary person. She only lived to be 16-18. She was slim, 160 cm tall

Germany more than doubled its offshore wind power capacity in 2014

In 2014, Germany installed 543 offshore wind turbines, reaching a capacity of 2.35 gigawatts (GW), getting closer to their plans of having 6.5 GW of wind energy infrastructure installed and connected by 2020.

German village goes off the grid with 100% renewable energy from wind, sun and pig manure

Germany has taken a pioneering role in terms of renewable energy, in Europa and even worldwide. Many countries are now negotiating or even applying renewable energy systems, but in Germany the situation is different – most of renewables are owned by individuals (as opposed to companies), and most of them are produced in the rural areas – not in big

Germany removes University Fees – what we Should Learn from That

All German Universities will be free of charge as of this year. The last German area to remove fees, Lower Saxony, has officially done so, in what promises to be a historic moment for German (and European) education.

Germany gets record 31% of its energy from renewables in first half of 2014

Even though coal is still Germany’s number one energy source, renewable energy is developing incredibly fast, with wind and solar energy catching up fast. If the trend continues, they will soon become the dominant energy source.

Hamburg wants to become a car-free city in 20 years

One of the most beautiful cities in Europe, Hamburg has embarked on an ambitious plan that aims to promote cycling and walking as the main means of transportation throughout the huge hub.  The local administration claims that within 15-20 years the city would have completed its green network that virtually connects any part of the city. Even animal inhabitants will

Oldest Roman fort discovered in Germany paints an episode of history

A group of archeologists have identified the oldest known Roman military fortress in Germany, located near the small town of Hermeskei. The site has been hypothesized as once being a roman military encampment since it was first discovered in the 19th century, however only after recently surfaced evidence, coupled with modern analysis tools, could it be confirmed. Apparently the camp was built

Smallest Storage Device in the World to Revolutionize Computing Developed

Miniaturization seems to be the buzzword of the 21st century in this global village. Thanks to the genius of German and American scientists who have pioneered a revolutionary technique that could be used to develop a new class of hard disk drives with nanomaterials which could store larger amounts of information in a tiny space and at the same time

Germany cuts solar energy feed-in tariff by 50% in 8 years

Here’s how renewable energy can be proliferated easily trough out the world, the developed one at least – scale it and make it cheap for the user. At least this is what Germany did and it’s working incredibly well for them. The country just recently announced that feed-in tariffs for solar energy will be 15% cheaper than those in 2011. Since

Nazi failed sabotage sub mission revealed in new files

According to newly revealed classified MI5 files, in June 1942 a German sabotage mission, code name “Operation Pastorius“, was commenced which intended to wreak havoc and unleash terror across the US. However, the operation failed misserably and turned out to be more of a screwball comedy synopsis than a covert, ruthless nazi mission. The plan was simple and seemighly very