Researchers make chicken cells resist bird flu by snipping out a tiny bit of their DNA

There’s still a long way to go before we have a full chicken, though.

Team sequences the pan-genome of tomatoes in a bid to make them tasty again

Tastefully done.

Scientists sequence genomes of world’s tallest trees

The redwood has the 2nd largest genome in the world.

Scientists present first computer-generated artificial genome

Synthetic life isn’t a paradox anymore.

Great white shark genome might teach us how to heal faster or stave off cancer

Scientists sink their teeth in the great white’s genome

Butterflies are genetically wired to mate with others like them

Surprisingly, these butterflies could teach us a thing or two about humans.

Ancient DNA reveals two previously unknown migrations into South America

We’re beginning to understand who were the first Americans in greater detail.

Ancient retrovirus may make some people more prone to addiction

The study hints to evidence for a physical cause of addiction.

MDMA or ‘ecstasy’ makes octopuses more social, too

This could help scientists uncover the origin of social behavior in all animals.

Wheat’s genetic secrets could lead to better, more resilient crops

More food for less effort? Sign me up!

Genes of living descendents might solve mystery of the Inca Empire’s origin

Myths surrounding the founding of the Inca might not only be true — they also seem to be linked.

A genetic bed of roses: scientists sequence the complete genome of the rose

Let’s stop and smell the roses… at a genetic level.

Scientists double the number of Neanderthal genomes, gleaning new tribal insights

Cheeky new details concerning the interbreeding between Neanderthals and our own species.

Scientists discover why cockroaches are such good survivors

Their insane ability to survive almost anything is written in their DNA.

Scientist decode the largest genome so far – and it belongs to the axolotl

So far, scientists couldn’t sequence all of it due to its huge length.

Infant skeleton sheds new light on early Native American populations

Genome sequencing of infant found in Alaska reveals new Native American Population

Cannabis genome project will allow for new crops, better medicine

They’re not interested in the ‘high’ part of cannabis, though.

Easter Island natives may not have sailed all the way to South America after all

It doesn’t seem that Native Americans mixed with Polynesians before European contact.

Second gene-silencing mechanism found, could lead to viable clones and safer in vitro

It’s gotta be pretty important if it has a back-up system in place.

Barley’s full genome sequenced after decade-long research effort

A tiny plant with a lot of genes.