Geckos can walk on water: here’s how (with a video)

Another mystery solved my science!

Gecko-inspired adhesive allows robots to grip wider range of objects

The new gripper can grasp almost anything from pipes to porous rocks. Its primary application might be space.

Scientists discover 15 new gecko species in Myanmar

They’re all adorable. Alas, some could already be threatened.

Gecko-inspired ‘Velcro’ could help cleanup our growing space junk problem

Inspired by nature, scientists tackle a sticky problem.

Your robot always dropping stuff? Try these gecko-inspired pads

A gripping tale.

Newly discovered ‘escape artist’ gecko species evades predators by shedding its scales

When a predator such as a snake strikes the gecko, it’s not dinner he’s getting but a mouthful of scales.

Gecko feet may help keep art clean

Geckos may be giving art conservationists an unexpected hand – a new way of keeping art clean. This doesn’t mean we’ll be letting hordes of geckos run rampant through the Louvre because that’s not how science works (though it could create a lovely Disney scene). Instead, researchers took inspiration from geckos, designing a material that can collect the smallest motes of

Oldest chameleon-like lizard found trapped in 100 million-years-old amber

Recently, a treasure trove of a dozen ancient lizards trapped in amber came to scientists’ attention. Everyone was impressed by the pristine preservation, but what particularly caught their eyes was a chameleon-like creature that’s 100 million years old. That’s 78 million years older than the previous record holder.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but this is why you’ll never be Spiderman

Geckos are the largest animals able to scale walls. They use the same mechanism as spiders and hundreds of other animals able to do so: through tiny hairs on their pads that adhere to surfaces due to molecular force interactions. But why isn’t there an animal bigger than the gecko that can cling to windows and walls? For that matter, why isn’t there any Spiderman?

Gecko-hand-gloves helps human climb wall like spiderman

Watch out, Spiderman! Stanford engineers recently demonstrated a pair of  gecko-inspired hand pads strong enough to pull the weight of an adult man and to allow him to climb a wall. Scaling walls like a gecko At the center of the gecko’s clinging ability are its specialized pads, located on the reptile’s toes, comprised of various satae (bristle- or hair-like structures ) on the

Gecko sex in space, and why this is good for science

Ruscosmos, the Russian space agency, recently launched geckos in space to see how zero gravity affects mating. The findings have much broader implications that extend humanity’s ultimate goal of reaching for the stars.

Gecko clinging ability on wet surfaces might inspire water-resistant adhesive tape

The gecko is a phenomenal reptile which has always amazed observers, and especially scientists, thanks to its remarkable ability to cling to surfaces. Though they’ve been studied for a while now, it’s only recently that researchers have learned how geckos scale across wet surfaces, like leaves and trees found in its natural tropical environment. The discovery might find its use

Leaping lizard tails could provide massive advances in robotics

Researchers at Berkley University have developed an extraordinary robotic toy car called the “Tailbot”, equipped with a stabilizing tail, which is able to correct and adjust its position during mid-air leaps to land safely. The biologists and engineers involved in the study were inspired by lizards that swing their tails upward to prevent them from pitching head-over-heels into a rock. From Jurassic

Gecko-like robot climbs walls effortlessly

The gecko is one of the most fascinating lizards, because of its feet’s unique ability of dry adherence to solid surfaces allowing it to surmount any geometry and making it an excellent climber in the process. Unlike other animals which employ a liquid or some kind of suction to climb walls, the gecko uses inter-molecular attraction forces known as van der Waals. Scientists have

Gecko tail has a mind of its own

The (awesome) ability of geckos and other related reptiles to shed their tale when endangered by predators has been known for a long time, but scientists know little about the movement, and especially what controls the movement of the tail once it’s separated from the tail. Anthony Russell of the University of Calgary and Tim Higham of Clemson University in

Secret of spider-man suit revealed

If you ever wanted to stroll “spidy” your way around the big city, your dream is one step closer to becoming reality, as physicists have found the formula for what they call a “spider suit“. To do this, they applied what they learned from the dazzling gecko and it’s ability to climb walls as well as using the properties of