Eggs might not be that bad for you after all, new study finds

Eggs are probably alright — as long as you’re healthy and don’t eat too many saturated fats.

Paleontologists find 110-million-year-old bird fossil with unlaid egg still inside it

A unique find that sheds new light on the reproductive abilities of ancient birds.

Dinosaurs laid colored eggs and passed this trait on to birds, new study shows

Dinosaurs developed colored eggs for the first and only time in history, a new study suggests.

Scientists crack the eggshell nanostructure, finding what makes it so strong

The findings are important for food safety, but also materials science.

How to boil the perfect egg, right to your taste, every time

This is an easy to use calculator that takes into account all the physical parameters that impact a boiling egg.

Why a spinning hard-boiled egg always faces up

Try it at home.

Deep-sea marine animals lay eggs near hydrothermal vents so they hatch faster

This is the first time scientists have seen a marine animal doing this.

A lot of eggs in one basket: Paleontologists discover pterosaur egg bonanza

They say don’t put your eggs in one basket, but what about putting your eggs in the same bedrock?

This YouTube time-lapse of cellular division in action will have you hitting replay again and again


Scientists develop memory chips from egg shells

Omelette du RAM.

Mouse eggs engineered entirely in the lab for the first time — later lead to healthy adults

Everyone says this is a massive breakthrough in biology.

Three-parent baby’s birth sparks debate among scientists, public, and officials alike

So far, the baby girl is happy and healthy.

The ‘egg conspiracy’: government-back lobby wanted to ruin a startup that makes eggless Mayo

A startling report by The Guardian reveals how the American Egg Board (AEB) – a government-backed board which gets a levy of 20 cents per case of eggs sold by its constituent members – lobbied against a food startup that’s been gathering steam lately. Feeling threatened, AEB used its influence to put pressure on the FDA, USDA and Unilever to basically ruin Hampton Creek’s business. Hampton Creek is a Silicon Valley startup which has so far gathered $120 million in funding. Its flagship products include eggs made out of plants and egg-less mayo, called Just Mayo which Joanne Ivy, president of the American Egg Board, refers to as “a crisis and major threat to the future of the egg product business.”

Scientists 3D print eggs, trick birds into thinking they’re real

It’s more than just a nasty trick – scientists have actually 3D printed eggs to help them better understand bird behaviour. They were especially interested in bird perception and what particular characteristics make them identify real eggs from fake ones.

Scientists create see-through eggshell to reduce animal testing

If you’ve ever wondered what happens inside an egg, then science has you covered – researchers have developed transparent artificial eggshells; but they didn’t do this just out of curiosity – they want to create a controlled environment for bird embryo growth and development to aid stem cell studies.

New process ‘unboils’ egg. The process could save biotech billions

American and Australian researchers have figured out how to unboil an egg, devising a method that unfolds tangled proteins. The process could prove to be extremely valuable in the biotech industry; costs could be dramatically cut for cancer treatments, food production and other research. So, is unboil a word now?

Sparks Literally Fly When the Egg Meets Sperm, Spectacular Images Show

They say that when two people fall in love, you can see sparks flying. Well, that may or may not be true, but researchers from the US have shown that when sperm meets and egg – sparks definitely fly. Fertilization Fireworks These are the first images captured at the exact moment when a mammal’s egg is fertilized, showing that in response,