Medicinal plants used in the Civil War can stomp our modern antibiotic-resistant germs

Old tricks, new ways to implement them.

Hallucinations may be the side effect of over-processing in brain’s visual center

Neurons in the visual cortex actually fire less when met with psychedelic substances.

Drug cocktails can almost double lifespan — in worms and fruit flies, so far

The findings suggest that the mechanism would probably work on humans too.

Combining antibiotics may be more effective, new study suggests

The whole can be greater or smaller than the sum of its parts.

The CDC thwarted 220 cases of pathogens with ‘unusual’ antibiotic resistance last year alone

If there’s something strange in your neighborhood, who you gonna call? It better be the CDC.

New method developed to stop bacteria from sharing antibiotic resistance genes

No multiplayer-evolution any longer, pleasethankyou!

Marijuana Scientists Are Getting High Wages

By the year 2020, it is predicted the marijuana science industry will be employing about 300,000 individuals.

Retails drug price varied by more than 600% among 10 high-income countries

Average expenditures are lower among single-payer financing systems, the study found.

For $20, high school students create medicine which sells for between $35,000 and $110,000

We all know drugs are overpriced, but do you have any idea just how overpriced they are?

Scientists film bacteria becoming virtually drug-immune — and it took them only 10 days

A fascinating glimpse at how life overcomes adversity.

Untreatable bacteria identified in the US

A strain of E. coli resistant to last-resort antibiotics has been identified on United States soil for the first time. Health officials say this could be the end of the road for antibiotics, leaving us virtually helpless in fighting future infections.

Acetaminophen affects the ability to detect errors

Acetaminophen, commonly sold as Tylenol or Paracetamol may affect our ability to solve errors, a new study has found. The impairment is minor, but noticeable.

This is an ibuprofen patch that relieves pain 12 hours straight

Researchers at the University of Warwick in the UK, in collaboration with drug delivery research firm Medherant, devised the first ever ibuprofen patch.

A drug used for decades for liver diseases could effectively slow down Parkinson’s

It seems like re-purposing drugs can be a gold mine for future drug development. Now, scientists have discovered that a drug used for decades in liver treatments might effectively slow down Parkinson’s disease.

Use of Psychedelics Could Reduce Suicide Rates

Suicide rates have generally remained the same for decades, with slight increases in some areas of the world. Basically, scientists and medics don’t really know how to effectively tackle this issue, so they’re considering more unorthodox approaches. A new study has found that classic psychedelic use may reduce suicidal thinking, ultimately dropping suicide rates. “Despite advances in mental health treatments,

Common Anti-Anxiety drug wakes man up from coma

A patient who has been in a near-vegetative state for two years has been awaken after receiving a common anti-anxiety drug.The patient was in this state following a motorcycling accident he had, and after receiving the drug, he immediately became active, talking to his doctor, calling his aunt and congratulating his brother on graduating. Then, as quickly as he emerged

Hepatitis C drug in India to cost 1% of the US price

Sofosbuvir is a very effective drug against Hepatitis C, effectively curing the disease in over 90 percent of all cases. Sofosbuvir is a component of the first all-oral, interferon-free regimen approved for treating chronic hepatitis C.Interferon-free therapy for treatment of hepatitis C reduces the side effects associated with use of interferon. However, a 24 week treatment in the US costs $84,000 –

No, people, Oreos are not as addictive as drugs!

A recent study was picked up a lot by the media, claiming that “Oreos are as addictive as drugs“. Just to get that out of the way as soon as possible, this headline, as flashy and attractive it is, is flawed. I’ll explain why in this post. The Study The first paragraph from their press release goes like this: Connecticut

An analgesic molecule discovered in its natural state in Africa

Nauclea latifolia (also know as the pin cushion tree) is a small shrub, relatively common, used in traditional medicine throughout the sub-Saharan regions. Of course, African traditional medicine is not often your first choice when it comes to a treatment, but what if I told you that this plant produces large quantities of molecules – identical to those found in