Scientists treat first US patients with gene-edited cells

The powerful CRISPR is set to revolutionize medicine.

Scientists use CRISPR to breed albino anole lizards, finally extending the powerful tool to reptiles

There are over 10,000 reptiles but scientists haven’t been able to use CRISPR on any of them — until now.

Chip combining CRISPR and graphene can detect genetic mutations in minutes

The marriage of these two technologies can only mean something great is in store.

The rogue Chinese scientist who made the first gene-edited human babies could face death penalty

He Jiankui is currently confined to his home and under armed guard.

China pulls the plug on rogue scientist who genetically modified twin human babies

The whole odd affair is unprecedented.

Chinese scientists created the world’s first gene-edited babies

Against international best practices, researchers in China claim to have facilitated the birth of twin girls whose DNA had been altered with gene editing tools.

In a just a few years, scientists could domesticate the delicious ground cherry

They used CRISPR gene editing to take a shortcut around traditional plant domestication that can take up to thousands of years.

CRISPR was used to change a butterfly’s wing color

A switch from brown to yellow.

CRISPR gene editing might cause cancer — but scientists say we shouldn’t panic

Scientists say that media reactions so far have been exaggerated.

Making babies on Mars will be challenging and might even lead to a new species of humans

Are we ready for the biggest ethical challenges mankind has ever faced?

CRISPR-Cas9 scissors can cut through both DNA and RNA

CRISPR is more like a swiss army knife now.

How CRISPR gene editing is poised to change everything from medicine to ecosystems

CRISPR could be a massive game changer.

New CRISPR tools target RNA rather than DNA. They could fix ‘typos’ responsible for half of all genetic diseases

Scientists have sharpened CRISPR’s scalpel.

Scientists create low-fat pigs by giving them a thermal regulation gene

At the very least, this is a testament to how far genetic editing has come.

Biologists find genetic master switch for the butterfly’s wing color

Only two genes code both the canvas and paintbrush for the intricate butterfly wing patterns.

CRISPR used for first time to change flower color in Japanese ornamental plant

A popular Japanese flower was used to demonstrate the power of CRISPR.

Scientists edit the first human embryos in the United States

It’s further than anyone has ever gone with gene editing in the United States.

DARPA awards $65 million to make CRISPR safer, more efficient

Money well spent!

They’re everywhere on facebook, and now scientists have stored a GIF inside a living bacteria with the help of CRISPR

It’s the first time CRISPR was used to store and retrieve media from DNA.

We’re entering a new age of genetic editing, as flurry of CRISPR trials already gear up

This could usher in a wondrous era for genetic science, but risks also loom nearby.