India, world’s 3rd biggest polluter, ratifies Paris Agreement — vows to reach 40% renewables by 2030

We’re only a shy of sealing the Paris pact.

We’re half way there: key threshold crossed for Paris Climate Change Agreement to come into force

Climate change requires more action from gov-stakeholders — but the gears are turning.

How COP21 can become ratified — the small steps required for a global victory

At a high-level signing ceremony in New York, more than 170 countries signed up to the landmark COP21 climate changed deal first adopted last December in Paris. Many media outlets praised the signing event, where 60 heads of state were in attendance as well as celebrities, like Leonardo DiCaprio. It is indeed a great achievement in fighting climate change on a global level, but only a small step in many yet to come.

Fiji becomes the first country in the world to ratify the Paris climate deal

This Friday, the tiny island nation of Fiji put up a big flag on the map by becoming the first country in the world to ratify the UN climate deal put together last December at the Paris COP21.

Developing countries need at least $3.5 trillion to oblige their COP21 pledges by 2030

Developing countries need an astonishing amount of cash to respect the commitments made at COP21, Paris. This money needs to come from developed nations.

Reactions to the Paris Climate Deal

A crucial date, or another point in a long line of failures? History will certainly judge the Paris Climate Agreement, but until then, reactions to it have generally been positive. It’s a monumental achievement, if only for being unanimously supported. I found remarks by US Secretary of State John Kerry to be highly relevant: “For a long time we have

The one word that almost ruined climate negotiations

The agreement in Paris is not a cure for the world’s environmental problems, but it’s definitely more than a band-aid. It provides a framework on which to build future global and national efforts, but one word came close to ruining everything. Visibly exhausted, French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius cracked a smile – probably the first one in days, as United

By the urban poor, from the urban poor: fighting climate change

If we want to tackle climate change, we have to fight it from all sides; one of the things I liked about the COP21 climate summit was that people from all around the world came  to present their ideas for fighting climate change locally, with tailored solutions. The UN recently highlighted the projects in the Change Urban Poor category: E-waste: From

New COP draft on the table… but is it good enough?!

After hundreds of hours of negotiations and discourse, it seems that the parties involved are finally settled and can agree to a new draft for a binding climate agreement. But with one day left to go, is that enough – can we call it a success? The pact is a top-bottom approach; it’s an international agreement that countries will ratify and

Big Oil is hiding behind the scenes of COP21 — what does it hope to gain?

You know something is down when the most important climate change event in history is sponsored by fossil fuel companies.

Saudi Arabia accused of derailing Paris talks

With only three days left from the Paris Climate Summit, the time for populist talks has passed, and we’re expecting concrete solutions.

COP21 Live Blog: Day 10

Live updates and recent developments from COP21, in Paris — Day 10.

What polar inhabitants want from a climate deal

While the climate talks in Paris are carrying on in full force, it’s important to keep in mind that most of climate change isn’t actually affecting the ones causing it. The polar regions, the south Pacific and small islands are the ones suffering the most. The governments of Nunavut (Canada) and Greenland (Denmark) and the Inuit Circumpolar Council (ICC) released a

Arnold Schwarzenegger wants to terminate climate change – and promote vegetarianism

“I don’t give a damn if we agree about climate change” – this is how a post on Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Facebook page opened up yesterday, one day before his talk at the COP21 climate summit. Fighting for climate We don’t have the time to debate and convince everyone, as every day, as 19,000 people die from pollution from fossil fuels. “Do

COP21 Live Blog: Day 9

Live updates and recent developments from COP 21, Paris — Day 9.

COP21 Live Blog: Day 5

Live updates and recent developments from the COP21 Conference in Paris, Day 5

COP talks tackle the issue of biggest polluters — wolves in sheep’s clothing

Should dirty energy companies have a voice in climate talks? Can government figures, known to receive money from the oil and gas industry, be trusted to represent the best interests of the planet over those of the people that fund their campaigns? That was one of the key points that today’s conference on great polluters debated on.

Chinese artist vacuumed smog and turned it into a brick

As China’s cities struggle with smog more and more, one man has started an interesting project to raise awareness: he wandered the streets of Beijing with a vacuum cleaner gathering smog and turned it into a brick. Meet “Nut Brother,” a 34-year-old artist and activist from Shenzhen. Of course, he understands vacuuming smog will do nothing to change the quality of air in

After the climate talks in Paris, the real work begins

The Climate Summit in Paris may or may not create a binding agreement for countries to limit their greenhouse gas emissions, but either way, the real work will begin after the talks. “When the meetings in Paris are done, the real business of decarbonization must begin,” write climate-policy experts David Victor and James Leape in a Comment piece in this

NASA shows how much CO2 we really pump into the atmosphere

Carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere have never been higher: the average global CO2 levels have reached the 400 parts per million (ppm) milestone in the spring of 2015, The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) announced in the first week of November. Secretary-General Michel Jarraud warns that it won’t be long before even higher levels of the gas become a “permanent reality.”